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We continue to survey companies about the situation with prices and supplies.


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This time our questions were answered by the Supplier of Happiness.

1. Are there already any difficulties in connection with the sanctions? What exactly?

The Provider of Happiness takes all measures to minimize the consequences associated with sanctions. Exchange rates certainly affect the pricing of imported goods. Therefore, we are developing new measures to support our customers and partners. At the moment, we keep the cost of our operational work and expand the available functionality.

2. Are there any internal agreements with foreign partners on how to continue working in the current conditions?

Now businesses have to work in tougher conditions. Predicting the situation is very difficult, uncertainty always puts entrepreneurs in a difficult position. We are in contact with our foreign and Russian partners. We all treat what is happening with bewilderment and denial. The development plans remain in place. But everything will depend on the development of the situation.

3. Will you be able to maintain your pricing policy or have you already raised your prices?

Most of our colleagues and partners have already raised their prices. We are forced to react quickly in the current situation. For our part, we provide support to our customers. At the moment, we maintain the same commercial conditions for all customers, and also keep the price of our operational services and services unchanged. We are grateful to Russian producers who keep prices at the same levels, we really hope that their resource will last for a considerable time. In order to increase the efficiency of our customers-sellers, we have established work on FBS with Ozon , Yandex.Market and Wildberries . The provider of happiness has launched its own logistics, which allows us to save the resources of our customers and increase their stability.

4. How are consumers reacting to the current situation, what is happening with demand?

Since February 24, we have recorded a decline in the number of orders to – 10%. We estimate consumer demand as “cautious”. The emotional background is now unstable, the buyer needs time to adapt and adapt to new realities. We hope to stabilize the situation in the next couple of weeks.

Thank you for your answers!

We continue to monitor developments and communicate with market participants.