EroExpo: Day One

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The exhibitors got down to work. The exhibition officially opened.


Text: Ekaterina Nikolaeva
Photo: Aliona Ryne, Oksana Kudzhaeva, Ekaterina Nikolaeva

Russian version

On October 14, for the eleventh time, an event that brought together manufacturers, wholesale companies and retail representatives was opened in Moscow – the b2b exhibition EroExpo 2021.

The work of the booths started at 10:00 am, the Grand Opening took place a little later, at noon, when most of the guests had already been able to familiarize themselves with the novelties of their favorite companies, and in the afternoon a rich program of seminars began. In particular, in addition to the presentation of new products from well-known brands, most of the seminars were devoted to business development: how to protect your trademark, what are the advantages of a franchise for sex shops, or what IT tools are necessary for the survival of a business.

To tell you about all the new products, we tried to talk to the manufacturers, but there are so many participants that we walked around only a part of the stands.


The stand of the general sponsor of the event greets guests at the entrance. This year there is a huge number of completely unimaginable new products, this name has long been associated not only with vacuum stimulants. For example, for those who want a lot of everything and immediately have a set of four brand toys with a replaceable handle (it is also a battery). The kit includes a vacuum clitoris stimulator, a wand, a Vibrator for the G-spot and a rabbit. A set of toys for couples also appeared: an erection ring, a peg vibrator and a vibrating ins ert for panties. Among the new products there are a couple of devices that are completely unusual in shape: Triple A (close in shape to Twirling Fun, and also very similar to Zumio) and A-Spot. Our editorial staff and guests of the exhibition were impressed by the set of vaginal balls of different weights (we made a drawing with such a se t among the guests of our stand).

Not only the brand's sex toys have been updated, but also the Satisfyer Connect App. As representatives of the company said, earlier the development of the application was outsourced, but recently it was decided to create their own office of developers. First of all, all Bluetooth connection problems were eliminated, and the company plans to present new developments for the application at the CES-2022 technology exhibition.

By the way, all guests of the exhibition received generous gifts from the general sponsor.


The manufacturer of sized condoms has introduced new sizes 45 and 72, as well as water-based warming, cooling and classic lubricants. Another new product from MySize is latex with a thickness of only 0.5 microns. The manufacturer took care of even greater comfort for users: packages are now easier to open.


The Russian manufacturer pleased not only with stylish accessories in the form of eco-leather (chokers and harnesses made of eco-leather and elastic bands), but also with a love swing that is attached to the ceiling. According to the company's representatives, everything you need for installation is included.

Lola Games

Another company from Russia inspired us with completely unusual toys – vaginal balls with the function of rotation and pulsation! Fans of mini-marshmallows from Lola Games will be pleased with the new full-size line of double-sided masturbators: the same Marshmellow, but only bigger. The company also introduced attachments for thickening and lengthening the penis, very similar in texture to marshmallows. The attachments are of different sizes (depending on the length and thickness of the penis), the products are printed on the box in full size.


EroExpo guests were delighted not only by manufacturers and wholesalers, but also by All three days at our stand E-02 we are holding a drawing of prizes from our partners. Today we gave out 50 (!) gifts!!! And the geography of the participants in the drawing was simply incredible, see for yourself: Moscow, Salavat, St. Petersburg, Chelyabinsk, Alma-Ata, Almetyevsk, Belgorod, Kazan, Tomsk, Vladikavkaz, Rostov-on-Don, Tomsk, Bryansk, Novosibirsk, Vologda, Arkhangelsk , Novokuznetsk, Chelyabinsk, Miass, Zlatoust, Lyubertsy, Khabarovsk, Nizhnevartovsk, Yoshkar-Ola. An interesting moment happened during the drawing: one guest of the stand dreamed of receiving a penis-enlargement pump as a gift. But the lucky owner of this gift was another man, who, as it turned out, already owns this device, so he gave the pump to the thirsty participant!

We continue our project “Faces of EroExpo”. During the first day, more than 200 people managed to get into the lens of our photographer. Soon the portraits of the participants will be in the photo gallery of our site!

And a little more about the activities of the exhibition.

At the Kazanova69 booth the guests were awaited by the dance of the top managers of the companies, at the S-Market stand all senses were involved, at the Supplier of Happiness you could dive into the pool, and at Soho Wellness you could taste ice cream.

Today we will continue our acquaintance with the booths.

We remind that for those who could not visit the exhibition in person – we are reporting in stories in our Instagram account, and in the evening new videos from the exhibition will be posted on our website and in the Telegram channel.

Stay tuned, we are on the way!