A personal message of System Jo brand ambassador

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Nikolay Orlov, the brand ambassador of System JO, turned to the industry members telling them about the way the brand is positioned on the Russian market, its background and its sister brand, DONA.


Nikolay Orlov:

Dear friends,

The brand System JO is a creation of the United Consortium, an American company headquartered and manufacturing in Valencia, a sunny town in California. A curious fact: our leading lubricant, currently known as JO Premium, was created and made to order for a group of gynecologists in 1999. The demand for this product went on growing, so in 2003, an independent trademark, System JO, was established, ready to satisfy the customers' needs. To provide our clients with the whole SYSTEM of good-quality goods for intimate purpose, developed for the need of an average human such as JO (that is one of the most popular names in the USA) became our major goal.

As a manufacturer, we focus basically on lubricants and medical-purpose products. We work using the equipment certified by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA in the USA) and meant for producing non-prescription medical items and goods. We follow the guidelines of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), this fact implies all-round control of our products' quality. We are constantly upgrading the process as we believe that our devotion to the cause is the only way to achieve perfection.

To date, the brand System JO is offering five different product categories on the Russian market: lubricants, stimulants, products for body care, hygiene and massage.

Apart from System JO, we are very proud of our sister brand, DONA, launched to market in 2013. What does DONA by JO look like? This is a collection encouraging couples to dedicate more time to their intimacy! Our collection includes such products as bubble bath, massage lotions and candles (those scented ones, made especially for kissing) and a range of unique perfumes. And, certainly, each product of DONA is enriched by pheromones and aphrodisiacs to enhance sex appeal and establish a guaranteed romantic contact.

We consider DONA collection to be comprised of products that can help to transform the moments of your life into those unforgettable recollections of love. With this range, you can offer your partner a delicious massage, take an aromatic bath and step into a perfumed bedroom with a bed covered with rose petals.

I, personally, wish you success in your romantic adventures, my friends! And, of course, love more with JO!