What should every woman have?

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Our editor spoke about what, in her opinion, every modern and sexually active woman should have in her arsenal.


Text: Anastasia Karpushkina
Photo: Freepik

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When you have been working in the adult goods industry for several years, willingly or unwillingly (usually by will, of course) you communicate with people of different status, wealth, education, preferences and other criteria. And, according to my observations, every average and sexually active woman has a certain set of goods from a sex shop in her arsenal. Therefore, I suggest you go through the points and, if something is not there, purchase it in order to assemble a complete set.

Vacuum Wave Stimulant

Personally, I think that every person with a clitoris is simply obliged to try a device with this technology. The feelings experienced from the vacuum cleaner cannot be expressed in words. And this, perhaps, is what really helps to catch a state of happiness and save money on blush (decorative cosmetics are expensive nowadays and ends quickly). The advantage of a vacuum stimulator is that it is external. That is, it can be used by both girls who have not yet had experience of sex with vaginal penetration, and those who experience certain difficulties (for example, vaginismus). And it's very cool to give such a device to a girlfriend! Wherever you look, there are some pluses. Moreover, the choice of vacuum devices is now huge: for every taste, color and wallet. Even in the series of the founders of such stimulation, there are both simpler and super cool and sophisticated models.

High quality water based lubricant

This, I believe, is the base. If you can do without a toy as a whole (although it is better not to deny yourself such pleasure, of course), then you cannot do without a universal lubricant. He will make the process of penetration soft and smooth, and take care of the microflora, and will help make friends with a toy (the female process of arousal and lubrication is complicated, so sometimes just a couple of drops of lubricant facilitate any interaction). Why water based? Because this lubricant is universal: with any condom, and with any toy, and with any partner. And also, this lubricant can be used “in everyday life” – to moisten hands, lips, hair to style, to smear a face, if there is nothing else, and peeling has appeared.

I advise every woman to buy something that will help improve her women's health. For example, this lubricant or this one. And so, everyone chooses what she likes and is more comfortable.


I believe that every woman who does not have a permanent partner should have these contraceptives with her (in her bag or bedside table). And even better, if there are several options, because the sizes of the penis, as we know, are different. Both partners are responsible for the safety of the act, so let's not take risks and break ourselves off at the most inopportune moment? You can order a couple of packs of different condoms and enjoy life.

In addition, condoms can be used not only for their intended purpose: you can make balls with water, an elastic band for hair, provide first aid and much more. No, it's not worth buying condoms specifically for this, but if you suddenly need it, why not?

Sex Toy Cleaner

Here, it seems to me, no comment at all. This is about care, and about the durability of the device, and about health. Сleaners, by the way, are not only excellent helpers in cleaning matters, but also in those associated with discomfort in the vulva area. Douching is not worth it, but making a couple of zips when dryness or burning appears - great! Also toy cleaners are less aggressive than pharmaceutical products. So, when I pierced my ear cartilage, it was a cleaner, not chlorhexidine, that was involved. In general, I often carry a cleaner with me. He will help to process both hands and clean the menstrual cup.

Menstrual cup

A tool that divides my life into before and after. Although it is still difficult in Russia to buy it somewhere other than a sex shop or the Internet, there are more and more happy owners of such feminine hygiene products. Not only is it very convenient, but also economical (a cup costs from 500 to 3000 rubles on average) and environmentally friendly (lasts up to 10 years). So, if you are a menstruating lady, but have not tried it yet – go ahead to incredible discoveries! The choice is huge, you just need to be patient (the process of installing the cup can be time consuming and slow, you have to get used to it) and find your own, that same menstrual cup.

Pelvic floor muscle trainer

It has become fashionable to monitor your health. And this is wonderful! When a person is worried about something, he does not need the rest of the benefits. The female reproductive system is a complex mechanism. And if we can somehow help him, then why not? Visit your gynecologist and choose what you like: vaginal balls, trainers with feedback... The choice is huge here.

By the way, on our portal there is a large review article from a gynecologist about the most popular pelvic floor muscle simulators. Subscribe not to miss anything, save money, and most importantly – learn more!

Oral lubricant

Funny observation: many of the women who buy themselves a sweet or a sour lubricant are not doing it for its direct purpose. The point is low calorie content. Do you want something tasty, but actively follow your figure and nutrition? Oral lubricant to the rescue! So much for you to “interrupt” before going to bed, and add syrup to coffee, and ice cream – tasty and not harmful.

As for the direct purpose, then to sweeten oral sex, and to diversify it, and add slides, and work out saliva – this multifunctional assistant can do anything.

Rabbit vibrator

If both can be stimulated, why not? A good and high-quality device, perfectly suitable for this particular woman, with a codename animal name should be in everyone. There are many pleasures here, and the ability to develop the sensitivity of the “sleeping” zones, and train this “correct vaginal” orgasm through the "bridge" technique (I remind you that any orgasm is correct, and clitoral too, and then suddenly). Benefits alone! The choice of such devices is also great nowadays, so stock up on the desired functions, as well as knowing the distance between the head of the clitoris and the entrance to the vagina – and forward, to replenish the collection.

A few words about the bedside tables

Here's a basic set of what I think the average sexually active woman should have right now. This is not at all necessary and very variable. But with such a composition in the bedside table it will be more interesting and more fun to live!

By the way, recently a survey was conducted in the Instagram stories of our portal about what should be in every nightstand of a man and a woman. I share the answers.

Women's bedside table:
– any vacuum stimulator (look, here it also comes first);
– lubricant;
– hand cream;
– book;
– napkins (dry and wet);
– condoms;
– earplugs;
– any vibrator;
– ointment for joints (and suddenly);
– pain reliever;
– phone charger;
– sleep mask (can be used in practice);
– candle.

Men's bedside table:
– napkins (every respondent wrote about them);
– condoms of its size;
– masturbator;
– book;
– lubricant;
– wands (suddenly pinch his back?);
– headphones;
– flash drive.

If you have something to add to this list, share it!