What is Sensual Party

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Anything is possible at this party, subject to voluntariness.


Text and photos: Ronny Black (Saliva is not lubrication)

Russian version

I completely forgot to tell how a couple of days before my birthday we went to the Sensual Party again! This time there was a different format for them – the club format. There are already several hundred people there, and in the full sense of the word a club with DJs, two bars and a couple of floors. The theme of the party was wild dancing. There were almost 95% of people in costumes, which made the party even more atmospheric. But there were another five percent, which, as for me, it is not clear how they got into the club at all.

Indians, shaman women, tribes, Vikings in furs and Valkyries – many were preparing very much for this night, and the sight was stunningly beautiful! We also prepared and looked for costumes in advance. And before getting into a taxi on the way to the club, my partner made me war paint. We took with us the already beloved stack and paddle from Fun Factory – one that is completely made of silicone and with a raised dildo instead of a handle.

Sex was everywhere! At some point, you look around and see – all available places are occupied, especially the huge bed right in front of the DJs. So, we settled down on a trampoline, and opposite us a row of armchairs in which girls sit, drink and chat... But one of them only moans, as a guy is attached between her legs and makes cunnilingus. If you look to the left, a girl is lying on the table, and above her is a man with a darsonval (an electric pulse massager that uses low-strength, but high-frequency currents – ed.) And chains that he runs over her legs. And if you look behind them, then there, on a bed with a canopy, two guys and a girl are having fun. And this is only in one small room!

By the way, at the entrance we took black bracelets, which mean “we don't need anyone”. But since there is clearly no daylight in the club, a couple of times my partner had to refuse the ladies who approached to get acquainted as soon as I went to the restroom.

As a result, we found ourselves a secluded corner behind the DJs, I got up doggy style, leaning on the railing, and my partner pulled up my already short tunic. At first it was difficult to tune in because of the many people nearby, but the music and immersion in the sensations saved me. The tracks matched the name of the party – rhythmic, musical, some even wild. The stack first lay on the buttocks bitingly, lightly, then stronger and stronger. I raised myself on tiptoes from each next blow and rested against the groin of my husband without five minutes. We were both not in the mood for public sex, but at some point we relaxed so much and plunged into each other that the Wishlist changed. But damn it! Suddenly, just a few centimeters from us, an accredited person with a camera appeared and simply knocked down the vibe. (And now somewhere there, on the video report, there is a second with my ass.) We fought a little more, went to the bar and both realized that we were tired. Moreover, in the morning I had to go to the forest to celebrate my birthday. By the way, after that I returned home with a broken voice, but this did not stop me from finishing what I started at the party at home.


The organizers are worried about the design, music and atmosphere. Guests, in turn, invest in ensuring that this mood is maintained throughout the night. An interesting symbiosis turns out that allows you to feel calm and comfortable at a party of this format. For me, this was the most unusual start to a birthday weekend, and therefore doubly amazing!