Heating Wand by Lola Games

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Blogger Ronnie Black is testing wands for people with high sensitivity.

Text and photos: Ronny Black (Saliva is not lubrication)

Russian version

That's it, it's time to return to the reviews! Today we have the Heating Wand from Lola Games – Russian company.

Silicone, magnetic charging, fully waterproof, 2 motors, and 10 vibration modes for each, heating up to 42°C, storage bag, small size, no seams. In general, everything is fine in terms of external data, but what about use?


This is not just a wand, here instead of the usual handle there is a vaginal immersion part. In fact, it is small, about 10 cm, but we all know that this will be enough for most. There are only 3 control buttons – one turns on/off the vibrator, the second controls the motor in the “head” of the wand, the third controls the vaginal part. There is also a button on the back – it is responsible for heating. The toy is not heated entirely, but only on the external non-immersed part. And it heats up quickly enough! The vaginal part is not flexible from the word at all, well, and not soft, but the vibration is felt there more powerful – that's for sure. The “head” of the wand bends in all directions, which allows the device to be used in various positions.

Actually, when I took the device in my hands and turned it on, I thought – hmmm... Is this really a wand? Because it's not that powerful compared to other brands. But there is a plus in this – it is really silent. Good for those who do not live alone, for such an audience – a hit! And if you have an average or high sensitivity then take it, I say for sure. Well, but you want a jackhammer, then sorry, the device will not work for you.

The motors can be used either separately from each other or together. Funnily enough, all modes are exactly the same. That is, if the toy is used with a partner, then you will feel the same. You can shove the vaginal process into a partner with a vagina, and let the second person (both with a vagina and with a penis) be stimulated by the external part on the external organs. The toy weighs a little, only 220 grams. So, we are not afraid that your arms, legs, vaginas and everything in the world will get tired. For me, as a rabbing lover, in general, everything here is cool because of the shape of the toy.

But I did find a minus! In the indication of buttons. You will understand when the toy is discharged, and that's it! But during use, the LEDs only light up when you press the buttons, and the buttons are recessed in silicone. That is, if you use a device in the dark, then you have to do everything by touch or be distracted by bringing it to your face (hello, optically challenged people!). And this is not very convenient, as for me. Of course, over time you will get used to it, but at first it will be something like this.


A good device for your money and for your audience. The form is great. The vibration seems superficial, but in fact it is not. Heating is generally a blast! No kidding, with heating any vibrator starts to play with new colors. And yes, this is definitely a wand for those with high sensitivity, it will be cool.

The device was provided to the blogger for a test by the online store vverhvniz.ru.