What Happens During Orgasm?

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The author of the telegram channel “Lena and Her Members” decided to find out in detail how various devices act on sensations during orgasm.

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Bilbo Baggins had a campaign for gold and dragons, Frodo went out for Mordor to save the world, and many vulva-owners go for something more global. For happiness, a portion of liquid luck, for unicorns... Simply put – for an orgasm. You can collect vibrators, stimulating lubricants and the best lovers in the world, so what? Will such an orgasm be any different? And can one exalt one and devalue the other?

If we speak in the language of science, then arousal is a process when the peripheral nervous system receives a signal during touching, kissing and other stimuli and sends it to the brain. The hypothalamus, the region of the brain that controls hormones throughout the body, reacts to arousal. It sends a signal to “increase testosterone production!”

Pulse, blood pressure, respiratory rate increases in all partners, and oxytocin soars to the same level. Men and women alike describe the sensation of orgasm. And this in general debunks the myth about the cardinal differences between male and female orgasm.

And in those, and in others, blood rushes to the genitals as much as possible, lubrication is produced, and the genitals begin to pulsate slightly. Well, then hormones enter this orchestra, a feeling of satisfaction appears, and the muscles of the whole body relax.

Why orgasm doesn't happen?

There are many reasons behind this. Indeed, a lot! From a cycle day to fatigue at work. From internal quarrel between partners to disturbing news. A problem in the head is a common cause.

The orgasm can be lost if we do not feel the body at all. We don't masturbate and don't know ourselves. We inhibit the development of nerve endings and the formation of new neural connections. Therefore, you need to get down to business gradually. From caresses and massage to penetration.

This also includes diseases and medicines. Taking some antidepressants literally equals anorgasmia. This is a very individual story, so it's important to understand what happened before the orgasms were lost.

Orgasm is not a constant point.

Orgasm, even within the same person and one day, can be different. Brighter, longer lasting, more sensitive. It depends on many factors: arousal, additional stimulation, sexual context, desire, and more. Therefore, I do not want to talk about orgasm as a point.

You can modify it for yourself. You can try new things to slow down your brain and get fresh sensations. Our brains are quite lazy and love to walk the beaten path more than create new neural connections. And it's easy to form new connections: just try something unusual several times, add a toy, radically change your pose, or add an exciting, unusual lubricant.

We-Vibe Wand

My favorite device for finding orgasm in partner sex. There are three toys in one. One for the penis, the second imitates the cuny, and the third is a classic wand. Smart device with excellent attachments (there are two of them). Rhyme with whatever you want, even with a solo evening, even with a partner / neck.

An incredible device that can help you find a deep orgasm!

Svakom Trysta

A device for developing the sensitivity of the legs of the clitoris and searching for the so-called “vaginal” orgasm. The pea of the toy massages the G-zone, and the corrugated appendix gives more sensations. The device is very good in its characteristics and, due to its small parameters, will suit many young ladies.

Satisfyer sweet treat

A diminutive but still powerful Wand. It will fit into various types of sex, give waves of vibration to the area of the clitoris head and add +100 to any sex intensity.

A funny feature of the vibrator: it looks like an “ice cream” – a white or brown cone and a relief under a waffle cup!

Add it to massage, sex, petting, relaxation after a working day – this baby is good everywhere.

GVibe gring XL

Good couple play, sensual and looking for new areas to respond to. This is just about the awakening of nerve endings, because it makes you listen to sensations in different parts of the body. It can be used either as a device for clitoris and fingering, or as a toy for massage and sensual caresses.

Satisfyer love breeze

If I was asked to recommend one, but a very cool budget device, I would vote for this baby! Does not disappoint, but only pleases and easily leads to orgasms. A very compact toy, so you can take it even on a trip, even to work.

Good sex to all, and not only orgasms! After all, orgasm is not a goal, but rather an exciting journey with a bonus in the final. Do not forget the nice moment: you can buy a toy at the store indicated here and return it within 30 days if you suddenly did not get it. This will help in choosing and protect you from a warehouse of useless devices at home.

The toys are provided for the test by the tizzi.ru store.