Vibrating massager and vacuum stimulator Miss VV from Kistoy

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The author of the Telegram channel “The vulgar philologist” tried to make friends with a novelty toy. What can go wrong?


Text and photos: The vulgar philologist

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I love dual stimulation devices, and I'm sure I'm not the only one! And the toys fr om the previously unknown brand KISTOY had every chance to be liked. Alas, it didn't work out. And the acquaintance seemed so promising!

A few words about the manufacturer

Originally from China, Kistoy is one of the ten most popular Chinese adult brands and has established itself well in the global adult market. I looked at their catalog: the guys really have a lot of curious models, and the prices are not at all exorbitant. On average, 3-5 thousand rubles per toy.

But back to our stranger - Miss VV. The device consists of two vibrating eggs on a wire. The smaller one is intended for vaginal stimulation, the larger part with shiny buttons (I christened them “brillant buttons” with a smile) is a vacuum cleaner.


The complete set of the toy is as complete as possible:

– the actual massager;
– USB charging cable (magnetic, by the way);
– instruction (including the great and mighty);
– warranty card;
– satin storage pouch.

All this wealth is packed in a pretty turquoise box with a picture of a beauty with languidly closed eyes and a promising expression on her face. A clear hint that the content with the poker face will definitely not leave us...


Material: silicone + ABS plastic.
Functionality: 10 vibration modes + 3 vacuums.
Usage time: 60 min.
Full charge time: 90 min.
Warranty: 1 year.
Moisture protection level: incomprehensible.

The paragraph on waterproofing in the instructions states “household waterproofing”. Well, how can this be understood?

Usually toys with magnetic charging correspond to the IPX7 protection level, and you can safely take such a device with you for a swim, for a maximum of half an hour. Provided that you will dive with it no deeper than a meter.

But, since there is no exact information, I would not recommend drowning Miss VV in the bathroom (at least until the manufacturer clarifies). As for the use in the shower, I think the splashes of water will not damage the device.

There was also something about noiselessness on the box. Well the first vacuum mode can be considered as such, and then, while the bell is in contact with the body. With the vibration mode it is easier – the vagina muffles the sound well.


First, about what we liked:

– material – nice, smooth, seamless silicone;
– design – a calm pale pink color, closer to the flesh, I like these (even “buttons-diamonds” do not irritate!);
– idea: simultaneous stimulation of the vagina and clitoris is cool, did I say it?

With rabbits, there is always a risk that a particular model will not suit you anatomically (Nova does not count!), But here, in principle, such a question does not arise. So, the idea itself is very much to my liking.

Now about the cons – there were a lot of them.

Hard vacuum. What many Chinese non-contact devices are guilty of is that their vacuum is more like vibration. Coupled with a tiny bell, the stimulation is quite hardcore even at the first level. Girls with high sensitivity, it is not for you.

The size of the penetrating part. Perhaps this is the first egg (and I have several), in which I lacked the volume and the feeling of fullness.

Weak vibration. I emphasize, weak precisely for my sensitivity. It feels so fuzzy that it's almost useless when paired with a killer vacuum. In short, not very nice...

Unusual arrangement of patterns. Usually, the first few modes for vacuum cleaners are linear vibration, with a gradual increase in speed, and then different patterns follow. Here, the opposite is true. For me personally, there were only two convenient to use, and they are located, wh ere would you think of? That's right, at the very end.


Eh, Miss VV... We could be friends, but too many “buts”.

By the way, I already had a similar toy on my review (Pretty Love Daisy), only instead of a vacuum – a small vibrating tongue. Also not ideal, but at least the submerged part vibrates perfectly there.

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