The most unusual sex toy

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According to the author of the telegram channel “Lena and Her Members”, Twitch Innovation Hands Free is the most unusual sex toy.


Text and photos: “Lena and her members”

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For three and a half years of blogging, I seemed to have seen everything: tentacles, pulsators, vacuum stimulators, but this device made me read the manual, google and start doubting everything that I saw earlier. The manufacturer claims it is a hands-free device. It will caress and bring to orgasm. But will it?

The silver Twitch Hands vibrating massager with vacuum effect looks like something alien: with a large bell and delicate silicone tongues inside. Two buttons and magnetic charging. According to the manufacturer, the shape of the device is strategically created so that in any position it snuggles close to the body and does not leave you without stimulation for a second. And the form is actually very convenient. Fits perfectly in the hand, like the coolest and most favorite mouse for a computer

As I said, we have two buttons and two different modes that can be turned on simultaneously: vacuum and vibration. The vacuum is not at all like with other vacuum-wave toys. This is not a Womanizer, not a Satisfyer or something like them. It’s more like a pump. When the vacuum is turned on, the toy begins to pump out air between the skin and the silicone attachment, until it completely sticks to the site of exposure. If you turn on the vibration, you will feel like tiny tongues are tickling your skin. The device is really hands free: it adheres to the skin quite successfully with the help of a vacuum (try leaning the usual mug to your mouth sucking out the air, it's the same here).

This interaction on the clitoris area did not suit me at all. Blood rushes quickly and the vacuum feels too aggressive. Most likely, it will be liked by someone with low clitoral sensitivity. Thanks to the increased sensitivity from the vacuum, the reeds are felt quite brightly and actively. I liked it only as a toy for the breast: the nipples quickly swell and become sensitive, and the silicone blades inside caress them. It is quite convenient that the toy is hands free, but on the chest, it looks like a small alien sex invader.

The toy, I would say, is purely for “pampering”. If you already have all the toys in the world and want something like that, then keep it! Most likely to appeal to those who love breast stimulation and vacuum pumps. It is more progressive than many pumps on the market, and even has an additional function. The only thing to consider is the size of the socket: it is quite small and will cover the nipple or the area around the head of the clitoris, but not more.