Spanking at the NAZLO MAME party

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The author of the channel Sex.and.the.mitia told us about his impressions of BDSM practice at the most sensational sensual party in Moscow.


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Russian version

I can’t say that I was deeply immersed in BDSM, but I certainly have a certain interest in the “theme” – as a huge untapped field of bodily and sensory experience. And on one of the more recent Moscow sex parties, I decided to break bad: I saw there a couple of well-known BDSM-goddesess which I followed in Instagram, went up to them at the very beginning of the party and volunteered for spanking. There was a queue of girls for them, so it was probably interesting for them to whip a guy: a good show for the audience (standing in a tight ring) and a powerful sensual exchange for them (us) ourselves.

At the appointed time, I returned to the stage. Everything happened in the center of the large hall: I stripped to the waist, put on bracelets, and they hung me up with ropes by my arms. The eyes are blindfolded. One mistress, dressed in a sexy tight latex suit with high heels and flowing fragrant hair, hugged and caressed me, giving comfort, while her partner stood behind, getting ready for action. I flinched from the first light blows by floggers and lashes with several leather tails. But it was quite pleasant and calm, soft warming up, like a broom in a bath. I was hanging calmly in my arms, feeling the “leather massage”, pleasant hugs, arousing the attention of the crowd, and dancing slightly to the DJ beat. At the same time, a slight tremor came up from not understanding what blow would be next, and how it would all end. This tremor was fully justified, and my dancing stopped pretty soon. I very well felt this transition from: “oh, it’s fun” to “it seems that now it will hurt and I can't get away from it”.

Because the blows became more and more intense, with a change in rhythm, at different intervals: several soft hits, and at once – 4 punching powerful blows! And so, in a circle... Gradually it began to dawn on my consciousness, to which I signed up... I remembered the sensations at the dentist, when you do not know at what point it will hurt. And it hurt! And I couldn't scream or groan (maybe I was holding myself back in the presence of the crowd), I certainly couldn't say “enough” and run away! After all, it was interesting for me to test myself and to feel these sensations as much as possible.

All I could was to whisper in the ear of my “comforter”: “ it hurts!” In response, I heard only an implacable and quietly devilish: “And what did you expect?” Well, if you wanted to, have fun!

Then my mistresses changed places. And this is an interesting feeling: to understand that the one who just comforted you will whip you, and the “tormentor” will become the “comforter”. I already vaguely remember the subsequent events: I remember different blows, different devices: after the floggers there were whips and the whips pierced me as sharp lightnings with the feeling that your back was cut to shreds (in fact, there were only a few beautiful red traces that disappeared in 3 days, and not a drop of blood, that's what skill means!).

I remember the limp legs and sagging on the tied hands, I remember the strongest tension in all the muscles, and then relaxation by an effort of will, I remember the burning desire to be consoled and caressed by my mistress, and most importantly – I remember the adrenaline wave that pierced me to the bone, and I was shaking... I think this is the explosion of hormones that is expected from flogging, a mixture of fear, anguish and sweet pain, the understanding that you are helpless and trusted your life in the wrong hands. Soon it was all over, the girls took me off the suspension and sat me on the sofa, wrapping a blanket around me. They were very gentle, asked how I was, hugged and encouraged my courage. Believe me, in my condition, this is exactly what I needed! And I also quickly wanted to see my friends, whom I had left in another room, in order to fully surrender to the caresses and enormous excitement that rushed over me when the adrenaline slightly released.

Yes, it was a specific experience, moreover, only a trial “light” flogging, and not a full-fledged “non- vanilla” during a one-on-one session with the master. But even from the demo version, I was able to imagine to what depths of emotions and sensations you can get through BDSM practice. I'm not sure if it will happen soon, but I think someday I will still meet my mistresses in a completely different environment. And that party will forever remain in the collection of vivid impressions of my life...

Org-salute to all!