Sex toys: reviews from real users

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The new Telegram channel allows you to read reviews of ordinary people (not bloggers) on products 18+.



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Any person, before making a purchase, needs information about the product. This can be articles, blogger’s review, manufacturer’s data, advice from store consultants. However, the most valuable thing is the feedback from real users! And there is a shortage of such reviews in the adult goods industry. (There is an abundance of reviews from real users on the portal – Ed.)

The owners of the online store Titterburg have solved this problem. With the support of one of the founders of the SEKS.RF training centers, Maxim Demidov, they launched a unique and free carts channel SweetToyAdviser.

The channel regularly publishes honest reviews of testers of sex toys, intimate cosmetics and BDSM accessories. The service now has about 50 testers, these are ordinary people from different cities of Russia. For example, athlete Natasha from Volgograd talks about the experience of using menstrual cups, accountant Irina from Kamchatka trains with Kegel balls after childbirth, and programmer Pavel from Murmansk tries to use masturbators for the first time.

Don't expect marketing suggestions, professional consultants, and paid reviews.

Channel users can learn about the pros and cons of sex devices, what desires and requests a particular toy helps to realize.

There is an opportunity to ask any question to the testers, discuss with them the products that they really like, share your own opinion in the comments. The chat works around the clock, as the participants live in different parts of Russia.

Testers compare toys and share feedback.

The main task of the service is to help in the selection of quality products for adults based on the experience of real users, honest advice and feedback from testers , as well as to create a positive attitude towards modern products for adults.

Press release courtesy of Titerburg online store.

Editorial opinion. Getting to know the impressions of ordinary users is useful. But before using their advice, you should still double-check the information, since everything is individual and depends on many parameters - age, health status and others.