Smokey Wrangler Masturbation Cream

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The author of the popular Telegram channel tested the cream from Bucked.


©Lena and her dildos

Russian version

I talked about Bucked products at the last EroExpo and then I promised: their lubricants will be reviewed. As the months passed, people kept reminding me of the promise. And I perfectly understand where this interest comes from. It is all in one: from a cream for masturbation with leathery smell, to a sperm-imitating lubricant (it will be reviewed a little later).

Here is a story about the cream that blew my roof off with its smelland with its effect it blew the roof off the penis holder of our couple. I did not have high hopes for the cream first, but I thought to myself that at the very least I would moisturize my hands with it, after all, it contains vitamin E. I thought... and I shouldn’t as it turned out. The cream is ideal for caressing hands, feet and wherever skin-to-skin contact occurs. It took me a while to figure out how much to apply. Everything is clear with lubricants , but with cream? As it turned out – a little greasier than you usually apply to your hands. But here the consistency is not the same as usual. It does not absorb for a long time and does not slip, but smoothly stretches. But let's hear this story first-hand.

Male impressions

When Lena brought me a cream, with the words that now you masturbate with this and sprinkled a couple of epithets about the smell, I immediately wanted to skip. Objectively, it sounded like a complete failure. Some kind of a cream, like I'm the hero of "American Pie", some kind of leathery smell, like we are fans of sniffing in car shops. In general, yes, I was skeptical. Exactly until the first use.

After the first test, I realized that I never want to jerk off with lubricants again. They are squishy, ​​weird and I almost never like them while playing solo. Especially when there is no toy, but only hands. The cream envelops but does not steal the feeling of friction. Feels as natural as possible. It is necessary to clarify that both – cream (in large quantities) and lubricants are good with masturbators but if there is nothing but hands available then I will definitely choose the cream.

The smell of leather. From the description, I thought it was something like the smell of another person's skin, but this is not at all the case. Expensive shoes, leather car interior, or a brand new flogger. The smell definitely evokes emotions and its own wave of sensations but it's good that in the process you hardly feel it: it could be annoying and confusing. You only feel the smell when you apply the cream and squeeze it out of the tube. Then it disappears.

Bonuses: good composition and convenient packaging. The tool is squeezed out tightly so that there is definitely no bust and it is quite easy to control how much is left. I will put 13/10 in the price-quality ratio, because this cream is objectively consumed more slowly than any lubricant. A cool thing it is!