RIO – erotic adventure

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“I highly recommend RIO to those who want to experience something new, unusual, daring and invigorating” Alina Luab.

Text and photos: Alina Luab

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Powerful, wild, daring, at the same time so small and inconspicuous, but undoubtedly very beautiful and stylish – like a little black dress in the world of sex toys... All these epithets refer to only one vacuum cleaner who has every chance to compete for a place on the podium in my collection.

What is it?

New vacuum clitoris stimulator RIO Generation from the young UVibe brand. A toy that amazed me with its stylish appearance and immediately made it clear: “This is something interesting!”


RIO – I will call it that – is a compact toy 10.5 × 4.5 centimeters, made in a laconic black color with stylish golden polished inserts. This toy can be easily compared with classic boats or an expensive clutch – a real find for a woman who appreciates not only physical but also aesthetic pleasure!

RIO consists of a comfortable, ergonomic body that fits comfortably in the hand, and a small, dense bell with a diameter of 1.5 cm, which is definitely only suitable for owners of a small to medium-sized clitoris.

There are only two buttons on the body of the toy – “turn on / turn on” and “switch”. The buttons are convex, dense and easy to feel. But there are also controversial nuances, which I will talk about a little later.

Modes and speeds

RIO, unfortunately, is not a toy in which your favorite mode can be adjusted to your favorite speed – you have to be content with what is included in the toy by the manufacturer. But this did not stop the vacuum cleaner from really surprising me!

The toy has 9 stimulation modes (one of which is a mix), and alternately, with different intensity and speed, stimulates the clitoris. It's hard for me to say about the speeds, because they are simply not there, the button on the case only switches modes. And they just have different speed and intensity of stimulation.


The RIO comes with a nice storage pouch and a magnetic USB cable in a cute jar. The toy is charged using magnets on the case. A full charge is enough for about an hour of continuous operation, and from zero to 100% the toy is charged in about 30 minutes. Optimal and convenient.


There were no special problems in controlling the toy - everything is intuitive. There are only two buttons, they are convex and easy to feel. At the same time, the buttons are quite noticeably backlit, and also blink, visualizing the current mode and signaling when the battery is about to be discharged.

What is he like in business?

RIO is a toy that could really surprise me!

In many of my reviews, I write that this or that toy is not powerful enough for me, and with my low sensitivity something more powerful is needed. RIO was too powerful for me! The stimulation of this toy is very precise, hard, powerful and “sharp” – I don’t think that the toy is suitable for women with high sensitivity.

Of all the modes of this sex toy, I liked the “mix” mode the most, which alternately stimulates the clitoris with different intensity options, from smooth to sharp and powerful. It resembles waves of orgasm, the toy seems to say to the body: “Hey, look how it should be!”

However, despite the fact that the toy turned out to be too powerful for me, I will not put it deep into the drawer, but leave it on the shelf for future use. For me, RIO is not about an orgasm “right now”, but rather about thrills, about “cheer up, wake up, get distracted” – RIO's stimulation acts like a breath of vigor and fresh air.

It is difficult to use a toy in a pair game. “Sharp” stimulation and a thin socket, which makes it even “sharper”, greatly distracts from vaginal sensations during sex, and in general, penetrative sex and RIO seem to me incompatible things. RIO is something to be enjoyed on its own, alone, or in the presence of a partner, but not with his participation.

Here is such an interesting, controversial, to some extent “complex” toy, definitely worth your attention.



Black, yellow, purple, mint, white, blue are my favorite colors in sex toys. And needless to say, that I put this toy 10 out of 10 for the chic and expensive black color? Highest mark.


The material of RIO is very pleasant to the touch and not very sticky for dust and cat hair like my other toys. This is an undoubted “10”!


A bag complete with a sex toy is always a huge plus, since it is better for a toy to be stored separately, even if it is in the same box with others. This will allow her to “live” as much as possible and not be in contact with other materials. For a beautiful and pleasant bag, I give the toy 10 points.

Modes and speeds

In terms of modes and speeds, everything is ambiguous. On the one hand, all 9 modes are very enjoyable, intense and unusual, but someone definitely lacks the speed control function to increase the intensity of a favorite mode. I will give this point 8 points – in principle, everything suited me, but others may not be enough.


The control of the toy is commendable. Intuitive buttons (there are only two of them), with bright backlighting and indication of the current mode – this is very convenient and comfortable. Definitely 10 points.


A criterion requiring a separate assessment. The toy is very loud! In intensive modes, it cracks like a real tractor, which is not at all suitable in order to use it unnoticed by others.

However, the toy cracks only at idle, when I hold it in my hands. On contact with the clitoris, the sound disappears, as if the stimulation is not with air, but with sound waves. As a result, we have a very loud, when turned on, but quiet (already when used on the body) toy, which I have never seen before. I will give this criterion 8 points.

As a result, Alina Luab rated RIO Generation 56 points! Wow, this is a very good mark, the producers did a great job.

Let's sum up

The toy is unusual, it differs from the few vacuums that I met earlier. Suitable only for low sensitivity, as for medium or high stimulation will be too “sharp”. It is compact, beautiful and stylish, which undoubtedly brings both physical and aesthetic pleasure – just knowing that there is such a charm in my purse gives me strength and self-confidence. Despite the shortcomings, I highly recommend RIO for those looking to experience something new, different, daring and invigorating – this vacuum stimulator is definitely worth considering.

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The editors remind that the above is the personal opinion of the author, which may not coincide with the opinion of other testers. Articles about the RIO stimulant from UVibe by Alina Nagornaya and Anastacia Romanenko