Nano ThaiFest by "Astkol-Alfa"

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Ekaterina, the owner of an Instagram adult store called Vibro.Duck, shared some impressions of the trainings she had attended.



Initially, the agenda included 5 trainings, but only 4 of them were actually held. Randy Withers, the founder of SWISS NAVY, postponed the meeting for a good cause. In compensation, he sent a pouch of gifts to everyone. That's nice, especially for one who is used to make gifts each day and is never given anything in return. The pouch was full of mini bottles with the brand's products. Thank you, Randy!

Let's begin with describing the environment. Lots of people came around: both the vendors and the shop owners. There were about 30 people, with only 3 or 4 men among them. A candy store, we may say. There was plenty of drinking water, tea, coffee and sweets. The atmosphere was very comfortable and family-like. I felt so nice around my workmates, that's pretty rare.

The first training was dedicated to MyStim and was given by Christoph Hofmann. He showed some toys with incorporated ‘myostimulation’- electrical muscle stimulation. Some time ago, mainly due to inexperience, I decided to try a plug by MyStim. I connected the plug to the device, did some setup, pressed the button and… got an electric shock! I still can't forget that day. That's why during the training I chose to handle the toys with care. However, many people took the plugs and tried the turbo mode, that means they tested them "at full power". In fact, the vendors within this company are the bravest ones! We discussed the key issues about these toys, after all, we are talking about electric current and one should be aware of its specific features. We liked the range of pin-size urethra plugs and appreciated the possibility to manage up to eight toys at once with one remote controller.

Next training was held by the brand called Pipedream. The greatest news is that they managed to eliminate the odd smell out of these toys. This training proved to be the most expressive. Steven Sav poured some water out of a penile prosthesis on the front raw visitors, made jokes and showed the novelties. The toy with uvula was a success! We were also impressed with the lightest wand and vibrating penile prostheses!

The next training was made by Hot Octopus, with Marija Volkova as the coach. These toys look incredibly fancy. I think that was the strongest vibration I had ever experienced. I was very anxious about having this brand in Russia as they have a wide range for men. These are uncommon strokers able to lead one to a hands-free climax. There are erection rings that can turn one's penis to a vibrator. I have no idea of what is inside these toys but they made the chair I was seated on vibrate intensely. The stuff, the silicone, is worth special mentioning. I would rate it as the best one to touch. It is velvet-like, nice, especially those erection rings made of it. Now, when the third training is almost over, I find myself astonished and google-eyed. It has been a while since I last felt that way about anything.

It was a nice ending of the evening with the brand Mai Attraction. That was a real show and a whole range of delicious scents. The last scene of "Perfume", remember? That is what nearly happened next. The company's founder started with vibrating liquids. Everyone tried the gel on their tongue. Five minutes later, the audience was buzzing and had their best time. Everyone had their tongue and their lips vibrating. Then, they sprayed some household fragrances into the air. The delightful scent of mango drove me mad. I felt like rushing to their warehouse and get the whole stock of this aroma. When the agents lit up some incense and let the pheromones run through the room, everyone felt like it was Heaven on Earth. Like the magpie, I tried them all on my skin. And it worked! Pheromones, indeed, are powerful. I felt like I was slightly drunk. For two hours now, I have felt as excited as jungle kitty. Wow, that was great! I had enough with this training, so much pleasure and excitement.

Thank you for your attention,


Your Ducky.

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(Wrote on October, 31)