Hand masturbation lubricants

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The author of the Telegram channel “Tirelessly!” recommends us to try two means that increase pleasure. Anastasia Kurshankova.

Text and photo: Anastasia Kurshankova (Tirelessly!)

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How to diversify masturbation without sex toys? The most obvious answer is to use a lubricant: it glides on longer than saliva or natural lubricant and enhances the sensation of touch without feeling overstimulated. Even the most active movements with lubricant do not feel uncomfortable, and sensitivity is not reduced. In addition to universal lubricants on water, silicone and hybrid bases, there are also special ones created specifically for hand masturbation. For example, the Swiss Navy Premium Masturbation Cream.

It is a white cream with a pleasant dense consistency, which melts from body heat, creating a thin, slightly oily film. It envelops in a classy way and does not steal the sensation of friction at the same time: super comfort and sensitivity at maximum revs! Contains mineral oil, silicone and coconut oil. The volume is more than generous: 150 ml. Love!

All Swiss Navy products are made in America and are FDA approved so they are 100% hypoallergenic and safe to swallow.

Viva Cream is what I add when I want to get the maximum sensation on days when my sensitivity is not very good. It is necessary to literally apply a pea of gel to the clitoris, around it and inside the vagina. Let the product soak in for about a minute, and then add your favorite lubricant - and you can enjoy the successive waves of heat and cold. The gel is sold in different volumes, so I highly recommend taking a 10 ml tube for a sample!

Lubricants were provided to the blogger for the test by the Tochka Lubvi (Love Point) store.