Delicate pheromones and delicious “vibrators”

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Self-isolation mode is not an obstacle to creating a love nest at home. The blogger Oh-la-la reviews three products from Mai Attraction that will help to do it.


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Russian version

Incense sticks with pheromones Cinnamon canela (Cinnamon). To be honest, I don’t really like stuffy rooms, suffocating smells, so it was problematic for me to choose incense sticks that would not annoy, but I fell in love with these when I saw them! An unobtrusive, some kind of chamber smell that relaxes, tunes in relaxation and solitude. I lit them on ordinary evenings and evenings of love, and they were always appropriate.

Lubigel with vibration effect (red fruit). I was waiting for this product! What is its difference fr om other liquid vibrators? It is edible and not ugly in taste, but really pleasant. I applied a couple of drops to the clitoris as soon as I took the gel. “Oh, something is happening, something is happening!” – with these words I sat for about ten minutes. Feeling interesting. The heat that plays with you. I didn’t feel much tingling, but the heat clearly felt wh ere I needed, if you know what I mean. During sex, I added a couple of drops periodically: here I didn’t feel so clearly, apparently, the body was “distracted” by other actions around me, but the gel added feelings and emotions unambiguously. For the sake of interest, I put it on a penis of my beloved: he also felt the heat that spreads and plays. He liked it.

Perfume with pheromones remain a mystery to me. Of course, it did not cause obvious wild interest from the beloved. But I felt “in it” beautiful. Pheromones have not been studied, it seems to me that they work more like a placebo effect. But this is only my point of view, and the aroma itself is wonderful, I am satisfied.

Mai Attraction is a Spanish brand that has recently been on the Russian market. Delicate, safe and seductive.

Enjoy each other and indulge yourself in these quarantine routines.