AliExpress's victory over luxury

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A duck again fell into the hands of Vibroduck of Love. How good it is, read below.


Text and photo: Vibroduck of Love

Russian version

How many years I resisted and was against this large world trade platform (AliExpress – Ed.), But it won.

Attention! All tricks are performed by a professional with vast experience. Incomprehensible dildos for 100 rubles still cause harm to users and an unpleasant smell. So shop wisely on this resource!

While recording a video on YouTube for the proSack blog, I was presented with two vacuum stimulators, a squirrel and a duck. As they say, five minutes of shame – and two toys from Astkol-Alpha in your pocket. Today I will tell you about the duck (she is from AliExpress).


The duck was packaged like a regular device from a sex shop, which is already good news. A box made of thick cardboard, charging, instructions. There was no unpleasant smell from either the packaging or the toy. The toy was clean with no glue drips. Hello, is this for sure AliExpress?


The price is about 1200-1500 rubles, it's already cool, right? Country of origin: China. Medical grade silicone, seven modes, waterproof. There is magnetic charging. One button that is responsible for the modes and for turning on / off the toy.

Test Drive

The first speed is quite noticeable, and you don't want to jump to the second right away. I have a presentiment that the latter will turn out to be ultra-powerful. And so, it happened. To many it may seem even too powerful, but just right for me. The orgasm happened in 10 seconds. Such a good, classic orgasm, like from premium vacuum stimulators! The noise was acceptable, not distracting. The duck shape is ideal for couple sex. Nothing hinders or hurts your partner. In the hand, the toy lies flawlessly, and the button is conveniently located, right under the thumb.


I can say with complete confidence that this is an excellent device for beginners and for those who already have more than 10 toys, especially vacuum ones. The membrane is similar to that of a Womanizer, it is set shallowly and gives a “correct” vacuum. I am completely happy with this toy. She easily gave me good and strong orgasms without effort and tension. In the rating of cool vacuum cleaners, I would give it the third place after DUO and Womanizer Premium.