Zalo Queen Set Test

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Our tester called the Zalo Queen Set a sucker-vibrator and wondered if there is a point in two-in-one toys?


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Russian version

This is my first acquaintance with the American brand Zalo. The Queen Set is a classic vibrator with PulseWave technology for the G-spot, which can turn into a clitoral vacuum stimulator if you pull on it the additional part that comes with the kit. This product has received various awards at specialized exhibitions and according to the descriptions of the manufacturer represents something super-innovative and amazing. Let’s have a proper look at it.


A really large box has a stylized image of Cleopatra, although not just hers, but as it seems to me, her sarcophagus. Frankly, for me vibrators and mummies do not go together, but the manufacturers state that it was the appearance of Cleopatra that inspired them to design the product. In the 2019 the Queen Set of Zalo received XBIZ's prestigious 2019 Excellence in the category of Product Packaging.

The package contains the vibrator itself, a nozzle for clitoris stimulating, a magnetic charger, two bags of water-based lubricant, a synthetic storage bag (where only the vibrator fits), a manual and a one-year warranty card.

Instruction manual

I am used to read manuals for all the equipment I get. I even read the manuals for the bicycle and the car, so I couldn’t miss this one as well. And can say it is a FAIL. A failing fail! The manufacturer has previously publicly stated that they are interested in entering the Russian market, but after reading the instructions, I'm not sure that they distinguish Russia fr om China. The clumsy translation into Russian is labeled “Simplified Chinese”.

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The device is equipped with modern magnetic charging with USB-output. It charges in just an hour, you can easily charge it even from a simple power-bank. But the charging slot is very inconvenient: you have to manage to lay the vibrator so that the wire does not fall off, because due to its bends it cannot lie completely horizontally, and the magnet is weak in charging. By the way, although the charging is magnetic, the manufacturer claims that the vibrator is protected only from splashes, it can not be immersed in water.


The vibrator itself is made of medical silicone, pleasant and velvety to the touch. It is also solid, not flexible, which caused me slight discomfort because I prefer flexible toys, but this is a matter of taste. The dimensions are very modest: 13 centimeters – the length of the input part (21 cm with the handle), and the width of the input part in the widest zone is 3.5 cm.

The control area is decorated with a golden snake and a Swarovski crystal. By the way, the design of sex toys with gold elements and crystals is a feature of Zalo. The buttons are barely noticeable, located in the bends of the snake: one turns on the vibrator and starts the PulseWave function, the second starts the vibration mode. If you press them simultaneously for three seconds, the control lock function will work to protect against accidental switching while you are driving, for example. Below is another button, and like the previous two, just as invisible and imperceptible. It enables the heating function.

The manufacturer claims that the vibrator heats up to 42°C, but in practice the temperature has not risen above 38°C. The heater is located in the narrowest part of the vibrator and does not particularly extend along its trunk. Nevertheless, 38 degrees is enough and quite noticeable inside. The heating function is available only after turning the device on and is switched off after reaching the temperature.

The vibrator is equipped with two motors: one starts the classic vibration with eight modes to choose from. The vibration is quite powerful and noisy (at the peak, the noise level reaches 70 dB, against the 50 dB declared by the manufacturer), it is perfectly noticeable inside. Modes allow you to play as you like and stretch the pleasure.

The second motor controls PulseWave technology – this is a separate tongue at the end of the vibrator, which pulses very clearly (up to 75 times per second) and allows you to maximize the stimulation of the G point (the special form of the vibrator helps this even more), or just go crazy from clitoral stimulation! This is an indescribable delight and a frantic clitoral orgasm. By the way, a vibrator with this function can be used not only for vaginal stimulation, with anal penetration it also works to a charm!

Another sudden feature of the PulseWave function is that this device can be perfectly used as a face massager! Perfectly helps against bags under the eyes.


The Queen Set also includes a nozzle for clitoral stimulation. A kind of silicone “case” which is pulled over (preferably with lubrication) the vibrator and then turns it into a clitoris stimulator. It sucks weakly, or rather, doesn’t do it at all. Therefore, if inadvertently a hand from the clitoris with the nozzle slides inward, there will be nothing wrong. The main effect on the clitoris is obtained not due to vacuum, but due to non-contact wave stimulation. I did not notice any special difference between the use of the nozzle and the impact on the clitoris with a pulsating tongue. So, purely for fun, you can use it but for these purposes specialized devices are better.

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The Zalo Queen Set is equipped with a built-in Bluetooth connector. You can download the app and manage the toy at a short distance. The application also “pleased” unspeakably.

The application has two huge minuses: firstly, it does not show the battery level, and secondly, if you do not touch the smartphone screen for more than five minutes, the connection disappears and the selected mode switches off by default.

The application lets you choose from eight classic modes, the vibration in them, by the way, is visualized by a wave pattern. You can create your own mode by setting the waves and power of vibrations of both the vibrator and the PulseWave function. And you can also choose four additional modes “club”, “in the car”, “surfing”, “roller coaster”.

In addition, you can synchronize the vibrator with the selected music. Frankly, I still didn’t understand what beats the toy is targeting because it doesn’t act very strongly and in time with the music, and because of the noise, the music is not very audible.

I found the “Teasing” mode to be the most interesting, this mode is partly comparable to playing on the thereminvox – vibration depends on wh ere you touch the screen field: the higher the touch, the more powerful the vibration. Good fun for couples, but nothing much.

The thing with a smartphone, of course, is funny, but still I would like to have maximum fun without burying myself in the phone.

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In general, the Queen Set from Zalo is an interesting device, it is perfect for those who enjoy point G stimulation, besides its modes and PulseWave technology can surprise even picky women, and with its modest size it might be enjoyed by beginners. But the manufacturer definitely has something to work on.