Yovee Massage Tiles by ToyFa

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In my opinion, today and until the end of the pandemic, massage (or self-massage) is one of the best things you should spend time on. Mutual touches help a couple cope with stress or help not to get tired of each other in a confined space, maybe even tune in to sex and get a valuable dose of endorphins. Sitting at home alone paying attention to their bodies distracts fr om disturbing news and restless thoughts, allows you to relax and take care of yourself. An important bonus: massage oils soften hands that are overdried by constant washing and add at least some variety to a boring routine. In general, a solid benefit. So today's review is dedicated to massage tiles, and very budget ones – I think this is relevant for many of us.

Recently the Russian manufacturer ToyFa has got its own brand of cosmetics, Yovee. Under this brand body scrubs, bath bombs and bath salts, even vibro-brushes for the face, and at the same time massage candles and oils are released. The latter can be bought in a bottle or in the form of tiles. It seems to me that the tiles give more control over wh ere and how generously I apply the oil, so I chose them for the review.

Two sets with massage tiles. There are three tiles in the “Romantic Date” line: Massage of love (mango and orchid), Luxurious massage (jasmine and shea butter), Massage for dessert (caramel pear). In the “Perfect Date” of tiles 5: Citrus vanilla (orange and vanilla), Exotic massage (tropical fruits), Massage cocktail (Pina Colada, that is, rum, pineapple and coconut), Chocolate massage (milk chocolate), Romantic massage (strawberry) with champagne). All of them look like sponges folded for a kiss and smell quite recognizable, but the “romantic” scents seemed to me more authentic; however, do not expect absolute realism – it would cost much more.

The composition is decent: cocoa butter, shea butter or palm, coconut, canola, beeswax, cosmetic fragrance, Phenochem (Methylparaben, Ethylparaben, Propylparaben, Butylparaben, Phenoxyethanol). If Fenochem does not bother me – the harm of parabens, let's say, is greatly exaggerated – then what they mean by the word “fragrance” and how allergenic it is, I do not know. There are clearly not many fragrances in a ten-gram tile, so an ordinary person has nothing to fear, but if you are prone to skin reactions, be careful and probably do not buy both whole sets at once.

It is convenient to use the tiles: they are quite soft and melt on the skin fast. But not too fast, allowing you to not rush with the application of the. Very little oil is required for good finger sliding, so the above-mentioned ten grams last for a long time. The wax in the composition leaves a sticky film on the skin for about half an hour or a full hour: some do not like it, but the skin remains more moisturized – especially if you start the massage after a shower or bath. If you like masturbation or petting with oil, Yovee tiles will come in handy, but sex with latex condoms will have to be postponed.

What else? Eight different flavors – one for every day of the week and another day. Not boring. Each tile is in a small package that is easy to open. Convenient. Shelf life – until the summer of 2021. You still have time to grab one set on vacation. And if you especially like one of the aromas, you can buy other cosmetics with the same smell.