Wave of love: bath gel from the brand Eromantica

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How to add romantic flavor to a date? The answer is simple.


© Maria Remneva

Russian version

Eromantica’s “Wave of Love” bath gel is something completely new and unusual and adds diversity to your life. This is a tool that will help you bring magic to your familiar atmosphere.

They come in two kits – pink and blue (I got a pink one). The set is packaged in a nice box, inside of which there are two bags: Package No. 1 – colored, has a neutral smell and contains a kind of slightly moist “sand”, which will turn into gel granules. Package No. 2 – coarse bath salt of the highest quality. Unfortunately, nowhere in the kit did I find any manual, so I had to surf the Internet. But, having visited the site, I immediately found it.

So, to do magic trick we need the following.

1) Get a bath of hot water (a little more than half of its volume, about 100 liters) and pour the contents of the first packet into it. After 10-15 minutes, the water will turn into a gentle gel, consisting of many grains. Based on your feelings, control the density of the jelly by adding water to the bath.

2) Enjoy the incredible sensations.

3) When you want to experience new sensations, simply add the contents of the second package, mix a little and wait for the opposite effect: the gel will slowly turn into water! If you didn’t have enough salt, you can add any other bath salt. The same reaction will occur, the gel will become tender water.

4) All that’s left is to wash off the remnants of the gel from the body of the shower.

In real life everything is just as simple as in the manual, it’s fantastic!

The granules absorb water, becoming larger and heavier. The consistency of the gel is like jelly: tender and very pleasant to the touch. Granules can be crushed, if you press on them. I did not feel a pronounced smell from the water, only light notes of something pleasantly floral. If the consistency is left thick, it seems to draw you in like quicksand. But it is a pleasant burden. And if you make it more liquid, it feels like you are lying in a sea of marmalades: it's very nice! When you trouble the water, the granules will tickle your skin gently, exciting you. These tactile sensations are perceived in a new way, it is insanely pleasant and really unforgettable!

The skin after such a bath becomes velvety and unusually soft. But I want to remind you: be extremely careful in the bathroom after that, everything is very slippery!

I do not even know what to compare these sensations with – this is something unique, very exciting, sensual.

Such a bath can be taken both alone or together: such an experience will help diversify your personal life, experience new sensations. Just imagine how your bodies glide in countless small balls! Try to arrange such a pleasant evening for your soulmate, I guarantee that you will remember these feelings and pleasure for a long time!

By the way, do not forget to create a romantic atmosphere at home: candles, a bottle of champagne, pleasant music – all this will definitely help add magic to the air.

And also, you shouldn’t worry at all about the safety of use: the company approaches this issue very carefully and wisely! There are certificates for everything.

Manufacturer's comment: The fact that the instructions were not in the package is our sad mistake. In fact, it should be in every package.