Just add some water!

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Sex blogger Lalo Bye meticulously testing three lubricants from different manufacturers, and thanks to her we have these detailed recommendations.

Text and photos: Lalo Bye

Russian version

A water base is a versatile option for lubricants. These lubricants can be used with all toys, no matter what they are made of. For intercourse, this is also a versatile option!

Lubricant bottles are definitely a regular inhabitant of my bedside table. And not only bedside tables! To be honest, the tubes are strategically hidden throughout the apartment.

For a start

Lubricants have been used with a variety of toys and menstrual cups. And also, when in contact with a partner they reduce sensitivity. We have a rather long intercourse which is insanely dynamic. The rhythms of the video clips “Destination Calabria” and “Satisfaction” compared to my partner are so slow. And the lubricant in our case is an irreplaceable comrade!

I warn you: I myself am not an allergic person, and there was no allergic reaction to any of the considered positions. But this does not mean that you cannot have them. Pay attention to the components!

Pjur Med Repair glide (Germany)

My favorite! It is a regenerating hyaluronic acid lubricant formulated for dry and irritated skin and vaginal mucosa. It provides optimal hydration, sliding and mucosal regeneration. Great for lovers of “sex marathons”. It has medium-thick consistency with a neutral odor. There is no sticky feeling after use. The main component of the composition is hyaluronic acid, due to which water molecules bind to each other, and accelerated regeneration of damaged skin and vaginal mucosa occurs.

For use with toys: Recommended. This is a great option! The consumption is minimal – a small drop of lubricant, and everything is fine. No addition is required in the process.

For sexual practices: I recommend it but with nuances. With prolonged intense sex – it is as if thickens a little. Sometimes it was necessary to interrupt the process and add more, because everything had already been absorbed.

Of the significant disadvantages: I can single out the bottle itself and the dispenser. It is very difficult to squeeze out the lubricant, especially at the end of using the contents of the bottle. At the final stage, I kept it upside down at all. Otherwise, you would have to throw it away without completely using it.

Swiss Navy All Natural (USA)

It is positioned as a hypoallergenic lubricant for sensitive skin. On the front of the bottle, it is already written twice about the absence of glycerin and parabens in it. Made from natural ingredients. A special component is carrageenan, obtained from red algae. It is this component that provides the feeling of silky and smooth skin. By its consistency, it is quite thick, I would say, jelly-like. Has a light smell and taste of lime. Available in a bottle with a convenient dispenser.

For use with toys: Recommended! This is a very good option. It literally takes a drop and you get maximum glide. No need to add more.

For sexual practices: I personally cannot recommend it. Although it feels like it perfectly imitates natural lubrication, but with intense frictions it dries out very quickly and needs to be added over and over again.

Of the significant disadvantages: I can only single out a catastrophically fast expense if used with a partner.

Ëska water-based with organic extracts of chamomile and flax seeds (Belarus)

Ëska brand lubricant is 98.9% natural and organic ingredients. In texture and color, it is similar to a natural lubricant, with a liquid consistency. Does not have any aromatic fragrances. Free of glycerin, parabens, alcohol, silicone and sugar. Absolutely safe to lick and swallow.

For use with toys: not recommended! Initially, almost a whole 200 ml bottle “flew away” for the masturbator test. And if in tandem with clitoral stimulants it can at least be used somehow, then with the introduction of the menstrual cups or with toys, there is an acute lack of sliding. As if you don’t use any lubricant at all!

For sexual practices: I do not recommend it! Started with a couple of drops and everything dries quickly. I added more. And so on in a circle. A lot of fuss, little fun.

Significant disadvantages: to understand my attitude to this lubricant, it took 2 bottles of 200 ml. The first, with the appearance of a masturbator in the house, flew away so quickly that I did not have time to understand anything at all. I got the second one, and it became obvious: its sliding properties are so much about nothing, which is not surprising why 200 ml of the first bottle evaporated so quickly! It is inconvenient to use with toys, menstrual cups, and a partner. And given how often there is a negative reaction to this lubricant in the form of burning, irritation of the skin and mucous membranes, or allergic manifestations, it is not worth it. I do not recommend it at all!


Of the three water-based lubricant options considered:
– Pjur and Swiss Navy are ideal for use with toys;
– Pjur is very comfortable to use for intercourse;
– Ëska is an absolute outsider in everything.