All vibrators are different?

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What “adult toys” can you add to couples’ sex? The test drive was conducted by psychologist-sexologist Elena Tretyakova.

Text and photo: Elena Tretyakova

Russian version

You know, I sometimes come across this opinion: “Why do I need sex toys? My husband and I are doing well in bed!”

It saddens me to see that sex gadgets are still viewed as something that comes with a couple because of a bad sex life.

Of course, it is not! Vibrators, masturbators, toys for two are a way to diversify your intimate life and add more drive to your sex! These are the tools that help you not only to experience new sensations yourself, but also to show more attention to your partner. A kind of “cherry on the cake”.

Opposing sex toys is like taking the position of “why should I try anything else if I like simple macaroni and sausages?” Over time, such food becomes boring, so do not deliberately limit yourself when the kitchen of the whole world is open in front of you.

So, everyone who likes varied cuisine, I invite you to the table!

I've tried everything, and here's my honest review.

So, let's go.

Vibrator Gcandy from the English brand Gvibe

For all lovers of large sizes – the next toy for you. The toy itself looks like a long twisted ice cream and looks very tasty. To the touch – a pure thrill, as it is made of a material patented by the company itself – bioskin (you don't want to let go of the choice!). The Gcandy has a predecessor to the Gvibe Gjack 2), but it has no clitoral outgrowth. Nevertheless, many people like this model. And it works well for stimulating the G-zone.

Back to the Gcandy, since this is a rabbit vibrator, it has two motors that work together and separately. One is for internal stimulation, and the other is in the clitoral stimulation process, which is very flexible. And this is great for the “bridge” technique.

But I would like to draw your attention to the fact that it is really big. Well suited for lovers of large toys and women giving birth. If you are not one of them, then it may be too big, keep in mind!

Vibration stimulator Svakom Siren

This is a bomb! At least my personal one. The vibrating massager has a futuristic shape with two petals that stimulate the clitoris. And what can I say? Orgasm is assured. This is such a pleasant stimulation that you take the lubricant + good mood, “and let the whole world wait”. Of course, the petals can be used not only for the clitoris, but also to stimulate the erogenous zones both in solo play and with a partner. In addition to the vibrating petals, the back of the massager (which is in the shape of a ball and is intended for vaginal use) also vibrates, both separately and together with the petals. So, if the vibration of the petals is too strong, then you can turn it off and turn on the back part separately, continuing to stimulate yourself, balancing in the phase of pleasant languor and stretching pleasure. All in all, this toy also goes to my favorites. Recommend!

Shunga Lovebath Bath Gel

Do not do what I did: I was specifically looking for a large bathtub so that it would be possible for the two of you to lie down calmly. We expected that the water would turn into a pleasant jelly (for this you pour the first bag into water), but in fact, due to the large amount of water, the granules did not completely turn the water into jelly, but passed through our fingers.

But! I don’t know about how to take such a bath together, but it certainly makes sense to pamper yourself alone. Relax, pour a glass of wine, take your favorite toy and plunge into bliss. And to turn the jelly back into water, pour a second bag of salt into the bathtub, which also relaxes.

Oil for massage of erogenous zones Delicious Brush from the French brand YESforLOV

The tool is perfect for playing with a partner. This is a massage cream that can be applied with a brush (which is already very pleasant and erotic) on the erogenous zones – and then lick it off! Tastes are different, I took cotton candy. There is no chemical taste, really like cotton wool. As a variety, as a dessert for your sex games, it goes well!

That's all for today. Love each other in different ways and with different bells and whistles. It's 2021 in the yard, after all!

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