Vibro ring Orion lust is put to the test

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Have you ever tried to use vibro rings? Have they always performed the way you expected? Our testers tried a vibro ring by Orion.


The story is told by the female part of the testers' duo.

We have already tried to use a vibro ring. I will call it "a simple one", as I can't recall the manufacturer's name, such rings are made by many of them: a rubber ring supplied with a vibro bullet meant for clitoral stimulation, or anything it happens to touch. The sensations they give are pretty cool, yet nothing else to be said in addition. I mean, they add to the excitement, but that's all.

When you take the vibro ring by Orion into your hands, you can feel at once that this is a toy of a higher class. Despite the fact that the stuff is rather common to touch, it has no specific texture, it is very nice and the key point is that it can be easily washed, it proves neutral against the lubes and the environment it is intended to work in. On the manufacturer's website it is said, this stuff is composed of the silicon base covered with the phthalate-free polyurethane.

An USB charging cable is also supplied. It takes time to find the connector, though. By pressing the button hidden somewhere under the surface, the powerful vibration is switched on, and it can be enhanced, the total number of modes is three.

The size of the ring itself, being not very big, raised some concern. Besides, the dual-purpose toys, being the clitoral stimulation one of their functions, usually cause some skepticism of mine as they hardly ever reach the target zone.

Looking ahead, I will say that the concern was not confirmed, while the result exceeded all possible expectations. The penis is on red alert, the vibro ring is easily stretched out, it is then put on the penis' base that is much larger than the claimed diameter of 3.3 cm. The man feels the ring embracing the trunk closely, the erection is increasing. We switch the vibration on, and I, the partner, sit down to have a ride.

The complete delight followed. The toy manages to reach the necessary point! First, its shape provides good stimulation of the whole zone around the clitoris. Second, the tip where the strongest vibration is focused, can touch the clitoris exactly, that means it touches the point of the greatest pleasure. It depends on the individual preferences, of course, but I believe, many women will agree with me. This is not only a place of joy but a point of high-level sensitivity. A long-lasting contact with a vibrating toy could have proven to be troublesome, but thanks to the frictions, this contact is not permanent, it is ever-changing, so, it prevents the sensations from growing too sharp and, subsequently, unpleasant.

I find it probable for this toy to become a discovery for those women who need clitoral stimulation to reach the climax. No more need for additional hand job, no need for bending over for the toy to reach the clitoris. It is the other way around! As far as the excitement is growing, you come to press your body closer to both the penis and the toy in order to achieve a tighter contact between the clitoris and the vibrating tail. 

Plus, the toy can be used for additional stimulation at the moment of caressing with fingers. I give the toy the top grade among the A-levels.

The images used here have been shared by the official website of Orion.