Tina by KissToy

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Karina Korobeynikova about the new “rabbit” with vacuum stimulation.


©Karina Korobeynikova

Russian version

If you are not a sextoy newbie, I know what you may say seeing Tina by KissToy for the first time – “this is Womanizer Duo!”. But wait, looks may be deceiving. Tina is indeed a rabbit with vacuum clitoral stimulation which makes Womanizer Duo and Satisfyer Pro G-Spot Rabbit her main competitors.

Some Facts about Tina

  • Dimensions: 175*76*51mm;
  • made of food grade silicone + ABS;
  • 5 suction modes;
  • 10 vibration patterns;
  • heating up to 42℃;
  • magnetic charger;
  • IP65 waterproof.

Closer Look and Test

Tina comes in a cute box with a USB Cable, user manual, warranty card and a gift / storage / travel bag. It is pleasant to touch, the silicone is soft but not too “velvety”. Lovely scarlet color with a golden accent.

It is easy to manipulate. There are only 3 buttons, so you don’t need to memorize where and how to press to get to the pattern you love – you simply can’t go wrong. 

To turn the toy on you should press and hold the central button (it is also responsible for vibration). The lower one is for heating and the upper one – for suction.

If you are a fan of that warm feeling inside, Tina heats up pretty quickly. 

The suction and vibration are pretty strong even on the lowest levels, so you don’t need to click multiple times till you get to feel something going on. Just choose the pattern that feels good for you, sit back and relax. There is a circle pattern on the G-spot part for additional stimulation.

Tina is also easy to use hands-free: it “sits” right in the place without moving.

If you only need suction or vibration, you can bend the toy and use whichever part you prefer – Tina is very flexible!

Overall Impressions

For me Tina is a go-to toy when I am not willing to compromise – it does its job 10 times out of 10. It is a no-brainer in the best way possible – no overly complicated buttons or endless patterns to get lost in. The only possible downside I can think of is that the suction is pretty noisy, but I don’t mind. 

A little personal remark: I am not a big fan of Womanizer products (though I own two of them), the Satisfyer vacuum technology works better for me and their G-Spot Rabbit is one of my favorite toys. Tina gives me pretty much the same sensation and it is easier to use hands-free, so I tend to use it more often now.

I would totally recommend Tina for those who are looking for double stimulation and love the vacuum technology.