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Sex blogger and journalist Arina Vintovkina tested the cool news on herself.


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Orgie specializes in erotic cosmetics (regular and special effect; oils and effervescent foams for massage, prolongers. But their flagship products are liquid vibrators, which are often accompanied by the epithets “the most powerful” and “the best quality in the world”.

A short story about the Orgie brand itself.

It is Brazilian, it conquered the local markets 15 years ago, and appeared on the European markets three years ago (Orgie is the only Brazilian cosmetic line that has all European certificates, including those provided by their Portuguese factory as a guarantee of quality and compliance with the declared properties).

It has already collected a bunch of independent international awards:

– 2018 EAN EROTIX AWARD – Best Branding;
– 2019 EAN EROTIX AWARD – Packaging Excellence;
– 2019 XBIZ Europa AWARD – Best Assortment of Sensual Cosmetics.

Sexy Vibe! (blue, medium intensity): liquid vibrator

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In a nutshell: yes, it is powerful, and yes it awesome!

Despite the fact that I took for a test the one that is not the most energetic. And in this line, there are ones that are even stronger and also ones that more delicate.

If you want a long story, then not everything that is now being sold under the title of the “liquid vibrator” is actually the case (I never cease to admire the person who invented this term)! But Orgie's products give exactly the effect that is declared: deep wave-like sensations, inevitably hardening the head of the clitoris, which at some point seems to begin to tremble and pulsate. Every touch (with fingers or toys) feels as if the volume knob of your clitoris has been twisted to the maximum. The natural lubrication is such that the blanket will be soaked through.

You literally need a drop of gel to rub into the head of the clitoris and the surrounding area. I felt the effect in less than a minute after applying the product. Over the next minute, warming and cooling (at first – it gives off more cold, and then – mostly hot waves) sensations become stronger and more intense, and you feel how the head of the clitoris begins to dance.

If you are using a “liquid vibrator” for the first time, you may become slightly bewildered by how intense the sensations are, and the process is uncontrollable: even if you apply the gel and don't touch yourself anymore, the effect will manifest itself. All this magic show goes differently for each individual. I personally have 10 minutes, then the effect gradually declines.

I somehow overplayed and poured it every 5-7 minutes. As a result, my clitoris spent more than half an hour in a state of maximum erection. I do NOT advise doing this. Because at some point I “lost” it: the touching ceased to please, I wanted to get released but because of overstimulation the orgasm hung somewhere and did not want to happen.

If you are not greedy and connect your hands or toys to the “liquid vibrator”, rub your vulva against your friend’s vulva (if we are talking about F+F sex) or the vulva on the partner's pubis (which is achievable in certain positions in F+M sex), I'm sure it will be nice. Orgasm, by the way, also comes out louder than usual: thanks to the increased blood stimulation that the gel provides.

Sexy Vibe! is friendly not only with devices but with condoms too. The agent can be applied to the penis under a condom - interesting sensations are provided for a man, and the gel will not get inside the vagina (it is NOT recommended to use liquid vibrators intravaginally; by the way, orally, too). Bottles of Sexy Vibe! are small, only 15ml. But, given that you literally need a drop, it should be enough for a decent amount of time.

Greek Kiss: Gel for rimming*

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*Rimming is a practice when the anus is stimulated with the tongue. Less “invasive” and troublesome than anal sex, anal fingering or playing with anal toys, but at the same time a super-pleasant thing (which is not surprising: a huge number of nerve endings are concentrated in the anus).

What role does gel play in the rimming process? In fact, no additional efforts are required for this practice: a mouth and a butt are sufficient.

This gel, for example, masks natural odors, which, as far as I know, confuse many people. Greek Kiss is quite liquid, oily in texture and smells of menthol. Hides aromas not just perfectly, but flawlessly! You can apply it on the anal opening itself and/or pour it directly into the mouth (it is tasty, absolutely not bitter, the tongue does not grow numb and salivation is greatly accelerated).

The gel not only smells like mint but also have a cooling effect, and if you breathe on the skin, you or your partner will feel hot air. In other words, rimming gel acts as a classic aphrodisiac for oral sex.

If at his moment you have in your head the thought “What if you put it on the head of the clitoris or the head of the penis and add a little witchcraft to blowjob/cunnilingus?” – Yes, it can be used like that. You can, in general, use it for manual sex: the effect will be the same, although the gel itself is a little sticky, but the cooling sensations will last even longer (I noticed: about 15 minutes; during oral sex – until you lick off the entire gel).

The bottle is large – 50 ml. The dispenser is there, so the consumption is economical. Does not conflict with condoms and toys. I asked the manufacturer about some antimicrobial/disinfectant effect, since the product is positioned, first of all, “for rimming” – it does not exist, it has a purely warming-cooling functionality, aroma and taste.

“Special effects” are provided by glycerin, which is present in the composition (I inform this for those whose vaginal microflora does not react well to it; in this case, you cannot experiment with it, but use it as intended, i.e. for games from the rear).

To summarize, Greek Kiss is a versatile cooling stimulant that has been adjusted to suit rimming as well. Usually, oral lubricants with “special effects” smell mildly sweet and/or fruity, and together with anal flavors they not always give a great blend; but menthol is optimal for playing with the butt.

THE SECRET 10 in 1: Hair & Body Balm

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At first, I did not understand this thing at all.

Then I realized that on several sites, it appears as a “remedy with pheromones” (and I do not believe in the magical power of artificially synthesized pheromones), and I decided that it was not for me.

Then I thought “...why let good things to waste?” and began to use it and tasted it.

This bottle could easily be sold in beauty salons or cosmetic shops, because it is a hair and body care product + perfume. Yes, one spray for hair and body at the same time. According to the manufacturer, its formula is unique, and so far, no other manufacturer has managed to repeat it.

By its consistency, it is a fragrant “milk”. As a hair product (restores split ends of hair, facilitates the combing process, helps to maintain the color of dyed hair, gives shine and softness to hair and excellent heat protection for hair) it can be applied to both dry and damp hair. I prefer to use it for dry hair – the aroma is more intense, while the hair itself does not grease and does not look like a bunch icicle.

If applied to the skin, it is absorbed almost instantly and, does not leave greasy-stickiness. The texture is the lightest! The product contains a great dose of argan oil, so the spray moisturizes well. You walk around all so velvety-fragrant. The official version is that the base of the composition is amber and musk, while the trail contains notes of sandalwood, violet and cedar wood.

On a man (I tried it on Mr. B, when he complained that the skin was dry), the scent also felt very appropriate. True, here I remembered about pheromones in a timely manner and, just in case, warned that colleagues at work might give him increased attention (he did not deign to answer the question whether this was so; having responded in his spirit: “Phew... Do you think, I pay attention to this?”).

It's still more interesting about the properties of the perfume.

“I’m still a beauty blogger with my mother”, so I will quote the information from the manufacturer: “These “liquid perfumes” are made using Time-Touch technology. Separate drops of the fragrance are covered with a protective polymer shell. The capsules remain stable until activated by touch or movement. Thus, the fragrance can be revealed in waves for more than 24 hours.”

It sounds a little tricky, but in fact we have a very subtle, but very persistent aroma, which during the day somehow plays surprisingly differently on the skin, becoming either amazingly fresh, then sweetish-marshmallow, then goes into some kind of light oriental veil. In general, such a curious transformer perfume.

The bottle is large – 200 ml. Judging by how carefully it is spent, even if watered yourself from head to toe, it will last for a long time. And, judging by the fact that my attitude from “well, I’ll give it a go” after a month of use was modified to “once a day at least”, this is not the last time I buy it.

Orgie cosmetics were provided to the blogger by the “50 shades” company.