Testing Huile Massage Oil Strawberry

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Shark Pen, a sex blogger, tested a massage oil by Plaisir Secrets, a French brand.


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Delicious anticlimax

The massage oil, Huile Massage Oil, by a French brand, Plaisir Secrets, is not the best oil I have tried.

To be honest, I am unlikely to use it for intended purpose in future. However, I have discovered an advantage that is worth mentioning.

What's in the table of contents?

This oil contains no oil as a matter of fact. Instead, there is glycerin, water, a natural sweetener, addictive perfume and a synthetic colorant (which can cause allergies). This oil is intended to stimulate arousal and enhance pleasure, the manufacturer claims. And I expected to find some aphrodisiac to be its ingredient. Still, I found no mention of that either on the packaging, or on the official website.

It smells like strawberry, the smell is a little sour, quite natural, not a perm.

As a massage oil, it won't get an A. It is rather sticky, it does not spread well and it goes very fast. You can't get rid of the unpleasant sensation on your skin-as if you had some soda water spilled on you. Frankly speaking, my partner and I felt like washing this product off the body.

The packaging is not worth applause either. This range is outside the premium segment, I am conscious of the fact, so, no complaints. The bottle contains 59 ml and is packed in a nice cardboard tube.

It tastes like sweet strawberry. And that is probably the only advantage of this oil. I enjoyed licking it off the partner's skin while kissing his neck, chest, belly and glutes. Huile Massage Oil is supposed to be an edible product, safe if swallowed. Nevertheless, I strongly recommend you not to use it for oral or any kind of sex! The oil contains glycerin that can harm the normal microflora and cause problems.

Sum up

I won't use Huile Massage Oil for massage sessions. Instead, I would prefer to use it in order to add some delicious taste to our sweet foreplay. Why not?