Test-Drive Remote Silicone Please-Her

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Sex blogger “Akula pera” (Eng – “Shark Pen”) has tested a new product from the brand Fantasy For Her


© Akula Pera

Russian version

The Fantasy for her (Pipedream) brand specializes in products for women, so, to be honest, I expected some magic from toys that came to the test. I can’t say that the Remote Silicone Please-Her vibro-massager will become the main action hero, but it is definitely a good addition to sexual games.

A small helper

Remote Silicone Please-Her is a small tongue-shaped vibrating plate on the remote control. The manufacturer positions the device as a stimulator, firstly of the clitoris and vulva, and secondly, of all other points of the body.

I made up my personal top 5 features of this toy.

1. Nice tactile material

The mini-vibrator and the control panel for it are made of medical silicone, they are so gentle to the touch that you don’t want to let them out of your hands. Streamlined shapes, sleek design, non-irritating color – something that I personally liked. In addition, this material quickly takes the temperature of your body, which makes playing with a mini vibrator very enjoyable.

Attention! Use the toy with water-based lubricants only!

2. Lots of usages

The toy is quite versatile and can be applied not only to the clitoris. The anatomical shape of the Remote Silicone Please-Her allows you to “cover” the entire vulva. Particularly spicy was the small protrusion in the middle, which stimulates the clitoris in some tantalizing way. In addition, the device is nice for massaging of the anus, testicles, nipples or any other points on the body. Even for a sore neck, it will help.

3. Scenarios

You can put the Remote Silicone Please-Her into panties, and give the remote to a partner - both of you will like this transfer of power, I am sure.

Warning! This mini vibro massager is quite loud, it will be heard in a quiet place, so it is better not to use it at meetings or exams, but in a bar or, for example, on board an airplane – it’s very good!

In pair sex it is also beautiful, but only if the stimulation is not the main course, but only a pleasant addition. In a solo game, it’s not suitable for everyone. The vibration seemed to me non-penetrating and not very deep. The motor itself is located in only one part of the toy, while the second part receives vibration from the other end. Such a flutter of the soft flexible part is suitable for girls with a sensitive clitoris. As for me it seemed that the massager was giving vibrations somewhere to the wrong direction: either to the arm, or to panties/jeans.

4. 9 modes!

I'm not a fan of switching: I usually switch the toy in one mode and drive it along the points I need. But then I wanted to play with the remote control and I (wow!) enjoyed to sort out the vibration patterns. Modes can be switched using the button on the device itself, but it is more convenient, of course, to click them on the remote control. Again, give the remote to a partner, it will be interesting!

5. Waterproof

Excellently withstood all my experiments in the shower. I didn’t dip it in the bath for a long time, because I didn’t find information about how long it can stay under water so I decided not to risk it.

In addition, the Remote Silicone Please-Her has a built-in battery and is easily recharged using the usb cord that comes with the kit.

But what I liked most about the toy was that I hadn’t squeezed everything out of it yet. In my head – a bunch of variations on how to use this mini vibrator. I will still be enjoying it, and that’s what I wish you too.