Test drive of another vacuum device: PRO-X5 Suck massager

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The blogger Ronny Black (Telegram channel “Saliva is not a lubricant”) has tested another device for vacuum stimulation of the clitoris – PRO-X5 Suck massager.


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Russian version

Today I have a vacuum device in my review again, but this time it’s fr om China. The brand is called “MYSG”, I won’t say that they have been in our market for a long time, but the things they are making are quite good, funny and budget-friendly.

My model is called “PRO.X5 Suck Massager”, and it caused controversial feelings. But first things first.

It is made of silicone and has a plug-in charging slot. What is funny: on the box itself in English it is written “submersible device”, but in the Russian-language instructions it says – “protection against splashes”. As I understand it, this is to avoid controversial situations. But all right, I’m ruining toys here, putting them to the stress-test but you better not risk it anyway with immersion, since the manufacturer does not give us any guarantee.

This device is 2 in 1, almost like a coffee-packet. It is both a vacuumer and a vibrator at the same time. The vibro-motor is in the handle, and its tantalizing tickling vibration, along with vacuum stimulation is not even noticeable. But if you turn on only the vibro mode and bring to the body not the handle but the bell, then you have kind of sweet tickling mini-tortures.

PRO.X5 Suck Massager has two buttons recessed in silicone each is responsible for its own mode – it is convenient and there is no confusion.

In general it feels strange! So that you understand, with ordinary vacuumers you can get yourself an orgasm very quickly. Here you have the feeling that you are on the verge. That is, you understand that if you wait a little bit more you will the treasured orgasm, but still there is a feeling as if something is missing. Moreover, there are 12 modes for each stimulation! In the vacuum mode, the first three control the force of influence, the rest are patterns, which is unusual for this type of toy. I found a way out in all sorts of gels for the clitoris. But a friend suggested a life-hack to me: if you replace the nose with a similar one, but from a Womanizer’s device (yes, they are sold separately for premium toys), then it is right is what you need. The bell rules as always, more precisely its shape.

In general, the device sits comfortably in the hand, it fully charges in two hours, but I don’t know how much the charge will last for I did not find this information. It has worked for already an hour, and everything is ok.

Bottom line: for the girls who need a fairly powerful job, PRO.X5 Suck Massager is not recommended at all. Those who prefer milder, then in this case I give good advice to buy some stimulating serum for the clitoris or get nozzles from the Womanizer. And for those who are sensitive this device will go right well. The tantalizing vibration and the vacuum stimulation are perfect for those who feel uncomfortable when something touches the clitoris, or who don’t like intense stimulation.

This device is more about how to feel wh ere it’s nice, without bringing yourself to an orgasm (as in my case), but again with stimuliators (lubricants – editor’s.), things are going faster.

And I forgot the sex toy is almost silent, so do not be afraid that someone will catch you masturbating (I know that for many this factor means a lot).