Egyptian inspiration or Test drive of Zalo Queen Set

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Pros and cons of the kit from ZALO and a branded video, after which I want to buy the toy no matter what.


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Russian version

I remember when the first time I saw this toy, I started to walk around it for a year! How was I attracted by the design that looked like a bottle of expensive perfume: a 24-carat gold necklace around the Queen's neck and Swarovski pendant in the form of a drop... The palette too: red wine, emerald and twilight purple – stylish and not trivial for toys, it catches the eye.

The main idea in multifunctionality:
– vibration;
– heating;
– stimulation of the G-zone;
– vacuum stimulation (if you buy in a set with a nozzle).

Working length is about 13 cm. This time Zalo did a magnetic charge: no plugs or screw-off parts! In the application, you can create your own mode and adjust the strength of ready-made vibration patterns. All motors work both individually and together – at any time on each of the motors you can change the vibration or turn it off completely. Most of all I liked the modes in the “gift” category, where you do not see the vibration pattern, and everything happens unexpectedly, without repetition and with pauses.

“Heating” is too big a word for this function, but I like that it goes gradually and dissipates fr om the inside, delicately, I would like even hotter.


Despite the fact that the Queen looks wholecast, and the manufacturer has changed the type of charge, it is, like the rest of the brand toys, remained splash-proof (IPx4), but not waterproof. Why?

Taking a toy in your hands (if you are not a sextoytester and haven’t looked at the manual yet), it’s quite difficult to immediately understand wh ere all the buttons are and how many there are: they are hidden.

I did not find in the mobile application anything related to heating, it only turns on the toy. Information about the maximum temperature was found only on the official website of the manufacturer: “Intelligent 107 ° Fahrenheit (42°Celsius)”.

The toy does not bend at all, this is neither a plus nor a minus, but in accordance with requests and preferences it is worth considering: it resembles the popular yoni sticks made of wood and stone.

Personally, I don’t understand why the manufacturer decided that such a large piece of silicone was needed for the nozzle on the toy’s head, perhaps there was an emphasis on beauty, but putting it on without lubrication is difficult. The nozzle bell is the same size as a Cuddly Bird - small (about one centimeter in diameter), and this may not be suitable for everyone, especially if you have previously tried Womanizer and Satisyfer with their wide bell mouths. As an independent vacuum stimulator, the Zalo Queen Set seemed to be not very interesting, with vibration and with the modes from the application, the general idea is somehow justified.

Regarding the movements of the membrane in zone G, I would take into account the individual sensitivity of the anterior wall of the vagina: here I would also need the toy to bend.

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