Lovense Lush 3 vibrating egg

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Maryina Svetlana is testing the third version of the vibro egg, which is popular among webcam models.


Text and photo: Svetlana Maryina

Russian version

Hello everyone! Sveta here! And today we are not just testing the toy, but comparing it with previous models, because this is Lovense Lush 3.

Lovense vibrating eggs are one of the most recognizable vibrating eggs thanks to their webcam models. The bright pink color of medical grade silicone and the shape of the ponytail that stays on the outside are hard to miss. What is the reason for such popularity?

Lovense devices, like many others now, are controlled through an application in a smartphone. This is a frequent request that has become even more urgent during the pandemic. The application significantly expands the functionality of any toy, allows you to transfer control to a partner, which, in turn, can be located anywhere. But it was the Lovense company that made two applications at once. One is for personal use, but the second allows you to connect to sex chats and receive donations directly to the device. And the more donation, the more the toy vibrates. Quite often people with a specific request for Lush come directly with screenshots of the broadcasts, trying to figure out the name of the model. Because webcam models are wonderful, but why isn't this a scenario for a game for two?

I have already tested the two previous models, so I simply had to pay attention to the new product. So, what's the difference between the three Lush models? Let's figure it out.

Any test drive begins with unpacking. This time, a storage bag was added to the standard set of a device, a charging cable and instructions. It is made of satin fabric and is wide enough to easily place and take out the toy. This is a plus, because the issue of storing toys becomes important as soon as you have enough of them. And Lush is also a toy that you sometimes need to take with you, so the bag is a small, but important addition to the new model.

Has the vibro egg changed in shape? At the first glance, no. The immersion part remained not of the classic oval shape, but convex, for the most accurate stimulation of the Ji zone. The tail of the toy has changed significantly. On the first model, it was needed to transmit a signal to a smartphone. On the second model, the power button and charge indicator were transferred to it, and the signal became more stable. The third model received a magnetic charge, it was located just on the tail, the shape of which became more streamlined. The tail of the third model is now fixed. No, it is still quite flexible, but it holds much better in one position, preventing the toy from moving. In all three models, the vibration is so powerful that it is transmitted to the tail. And even if it is not designed to stimulate the clitoris, it is still felt. The operating time has also increased. Lovense Lush 3 is capable of working up to 5 hours.

The application has also been updated recently: the interface has changed, and with the advent of Spotify, the device now vibrates not only to the music that is on the phone, but also to your personal playlists. The rest of the functions - like vibrating to the voice, composing your own modes, downloading the ones that have already been compiled, transferring control to your partner and chatting with him – have not changed, but they are located much more conveniently.

We start testing

Now about my personal impressions. I was waiting for Lovense to do magnetic charging, I was still waiting in the second model. And here it is! It is finished! If I didn't have a single Lush in my collection, then when buying, I would definitely have made a choice in favor of the third model. When I got my first Lush, I fell in love with the powerful vibration and was ready to close my eyes to the not very stable connection to the application, the power button and the charging socket on the case. When I got the Lush 2, I noticed a more stable connection, the power button on the tail, but the charging socket was still on the case. And Lovense has nevertheless modified this gorgeous vibrating egg to the desired level. Now the signal is not lost, even if you need to minimize the application and go to another, whether it is searching for your favorite video or an urgent message in the work chat. Magnetic charging will provide complete moisture protection and peace of mind for alarmists like me. The tip of the tail has become thinner, which allows it to be better hidden under clothes. As in the second model, it has an LED indicator. It turns off in the application, in the settings of the device itself.

Can Lush be used with a partner? Yes, at any distance. Is it fun to use one? Yes, there are many pre-made modes in the application, or the opportunity to feel more deeply your favorite music. A good toy cleaner is suitable for leaving, and now you can store it in the bag from the kit. The Lovense brand has heard all our wishes so that everyone is satisfied!

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