Sutil Rich – a lubricant from Canada

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The blogger “Akula pera” (Eng – “Shark Pen”) tested the novelty on herself and shared her impressions with us.


@Akula pera

Russian version

I love and practice lubricants, so trying a new one was a joy. This time I tested the SUTIL Rich lubricant from Hathor Canada. Shortly, it was excellent!

Water Data

SUTIL Rich is a water-based lubricant, quite thick, with a pleasant silky texture. Very silky and sliding, it e ven seems to have silicone in the composition. However, this is not so; the lubricant does not contain glycerol and parabens. However, the composition can be more detailed: completely natural, all the ingredients are eco-certified, and among them there are very interesting ones. Chinese epimedium (key component), ginseng root and jujube are natural aphrodisiacs. According to the manufacturer, extracts from these plants are natural antibiotics and have antiseptic properties.

SUTIL Rich is transparent and odorless, except that you can hear a distant herbal aroma. It tastes bitter, for oral sex I did not see it fit. The lubricant does not slip, but at some point it seemed a bit sticky to me.

Heavy artillery

The manufacturer claims that the lubricant SUTIL Rich is suitable for anal sex, since its Ph=6 and is optimal for the microflora of the anus. Indeed, it is gel-like, does not spread and provides good glide, but still I would not recommend it to those new to this practice - like any water-based lubricant, it dries in the process.

The lubricant is also ideal for vaginal sex, solitary pleasure and is compatible with silicone toys. My personal lifehack for water lubricants: during long games I do not add a new portion of a lubricant, I just add a drop of water.

In partner sex, I felt a slightly warming effect, it was not even the effect of heat, namely the feeling of a rush of blood to the genitals. After a detailed study of the composition, I found that such stimulating effect was caused by the extract of epimedium.

My special fetish is nice packaging. Despite the fact that I love lubricants with a pump and SUTIL Rich - is the lubricant in a tube, I give it 10 out of 10: nice color, minimalistic design and sooo very tactile material of the tube.

Unfortunately, the lubricant SUTIL Rich is not yet available in Russia. I hope that eventually the brand will enter our market and I can purchase it without any problems. After all, I definitely want more of it!

We thank Marina Larsson from Bioconcept for the test sample.