Stronic Eins pulsator is put to the test

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A female tester tried a pulsator by Fan Factory. She is sharing her personal experience here.


The idea of trying a toy that imitates frictions instead of emitting vibrations seemed very attractive to me. The very thought that the pulsator can move alone inside the body is exciting. So, I've got this toy right in my hands. The surface is velvet-like, very pleasant to touch and it feels like holding it forever. According to the instruction, I release the toy's lock by pressing two buttons simultaneously, the "Fun" and the "+". I can feel a typical sound. I try to press the “Fun” button once and the pulsator starts moving in my hand making brief and frequent pushes. After I press the "+" button, the frequency is rising. It's curious! It is worth a thorough test.

The first thing to spoil the impression is the same pleasant surface that covers the working part of the toy. It is always looking not enough clean. There is a sensation that it collects those towel's threads, dust, something from the air and all the surfaces around. Perhaps, I need to re-read the corresponding part of the instruction, perhaps, it shouldn't be wiped or should be cleaned with a specific cleaner instead of water. The fact is that after another rinsing to wash away everything that stuck to the toy, I was carrying the pulsator to the bed trying to avoid touching anything with it or putting it anywhere.

Ok, it is time we moved on to the test actually. Both the shape and the size are very pleasant and are felt good inside, as a dildo it is perfect, I mean. I switch it on. Um, is it a new trend to add backlight to the process? The keys’ backlight flash proved to be unexpected and too evident in a dark room! I don't feel ready to always announce my wish to play with myself. I am getting concentrated on my sensations. The pushes, or pulses, are not felt strongly at the beginning. But, while the power is being increased, they come to be very similar to vibrations in fact.

I can't say I didn't like those sensations. Just like a powerful vibrator of similar shape and size, the pulsator addresses the target zones and leads to the logical climax. However, while held in the hands, the pulsator still shows a kind of back and forth movements, but once inside the vagina, this effect is hardly felt.

As a conclusion, I was not able to get those expected frictions. As for the rest, this is a good-quality powerful toy, fully implementing its basic mission. One of the downsides, for me personally, is that the toy is not enough silent, every click is flashed with backlight, and it is still not clear how to clean the surface well.

Leave a comment on your experience with pulsators, what if someone gets the sensations that are totally different?

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