Sex machines for rent: a test drive

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The "Amatus" Group, through their renting service, provided Kazanova sex machine for test. The female tester shared her impressions from both the renting process and the use of the device.


I've always wanted to try how a sex machine works! So, when I knew that SexRenta, a renting service of such miracle equipment, appeared in Moscow, I haven't hesitated much! Especially since the information on the website is pretty transparent.

Step 1: the suspense: it implies studying the range of the machines for rent and choosing the desirable one. I liked a sex machine with the suggestive name- Kazanova. Do you know a girl who has ever resisted pink? Joking! This one actually looked safe, steady and simple at the same time. For me it proved sufficient.

Step 2: the ordinary procedure: you add the item to cart (you are not buying the machine itself, but its rent solely, it is all ok), then you go to that cart and press the button "Place the order". A few formalities are made and an operator is on your phone to discuss some details with you. To say the truth, the details are quite simple. The machine is rented for 24 hours. A delivery guy brings it to the address you have previously indicated. The dildo cap and the lube are included into the renting price, you don't need to give them back. Considering the product's specific nature, two options are available: to make an agreement indicating all the supposed data, or to get a machine for rent anonymously, in this case, its full cost is held as a deposit and is returned after the rent is finished.

Step 3: the exciting one. Here it might be necessary to go into detail. 

So, on the day and at the hour indicated in the order, a delivery guy rings your doorbell and gives you (gives me, I say) a box of a significant size. The agreement is concluded, the payment is made. Now, the doors close. It is about to start!

What the box has got inside is the familiar frame in bright pink, being heavy-that’s good, it is going to be well-steady. The upper part, right where the mechanism is located, can be adjusted by height and varying angles. There is something provocatively sticking out in the front, it is going to be the main detail of the process. On it I put the quadrant which ends with a piece of work similar to that of the strap-on with Vac-U-Lock system, but it is thicker and is made of metal. To let the cap sit better, I add some lube. It must have been my mistake, as from the one hand I felt like placing the cap tighter (its end is pretty soft as if the cap had failed to sit completely, on the other hand, it freely goes round the quadrant, yet not coming off it, in this sense, it is safe. To connect the power supply is a matter of seconds. I plug it all in and try to run. Well, I can see the expected reciprocating movement and a smooth speed adjustment. It is time we moved on to the test!

I come to think of a comfortable position, to avoid rushing in search for an extension cord, so, the machine should be placed somewhere the outlet is available. I put a condom on the dildo and sit down on the chair's edge. I need a pair of minutes to get used to the control, the location and to find the ideal height and angle. Um, it feels cool! A sort of a tireless lover, penetrating again and again! I try to change my body's position, a more close contact, then- a more loose fit, then, I adjust the speed being nearly unconscious and then, as they write in the erotic novels, "She flew to the skies". The sensations are surprisingly intense and vivid! There is total control over the situation as for the position's comfort, the depth, the frequency and the duration of the frictions, and, at the same time, there is a sense of an everlasting process, and the understanding that it can last for ages is pretty exciting.

Um, I wouldn't be myself if I confined my experience to such a simple test. Not mentioning the details about who proved to be a lab rat, and who guided the process, I can share my experience of using the sex machine in the couple. It is very interesting to catch the first sight of interest towards the construction and to suggest including it in our games. This time, it was doggy style anal sex. I will say right away, our attempts to have mutual oral sex with my bed fellow were not successful, as the involuntary movement towards the partner makes the cap just get outside, causing unsatisfied moaning. After a few attempts, it is worth sitting down by the partner's side to watch the process, having unparalleled pleasure from the emotions a person feels during the process of having sex with a machine. It is a beautiful view! 

When everything finished, the machine was dismantled, soaked with wipes (its cleaning will be made afterwards by the company) and packed. A delivery boy will take it away. 

The highest evaluation is the answer to a simple question if I want to repeat this experience. If I do, will I use the same service again? 

The answer is straightforward: I do, I do! First, it proved to be a very interesting, sensual process, I got a big pleasure, and It seems to me, I haven't tried all the advantages of the machine. I wouldn't refuse to simply repeat the experience. Second, the scheme is very well-organized, simple and clear. And I gained the cap, at least, to serve as a souvenir. Anyway, I will figure out the ways to use it with the machine or without it.