Sex bloggers tested WANAME D-SPLASH THUNDER

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Funnycouple, the sex bloggers, have undertaken a review of a novelty presented by the brand WANAME and have published it in their journal.


The vibrator Waname D-Splash Thunder represents a young and developing brand, WANAME , product of the company “Andrey”. The shop Lova-Lova has put it to the test.

In their blog, funnycouple, a married couple, are describing the vibrator’s characteristics in great detail and then they test it at different modes. The appearance of the vibrator, being a combination of black silicone and golden plastic, won the hearts of both the authors and their readers. In their review, the authors are mentioning the advantages as well as the disadvantages of the toy.

According to the authors, the vibrator offers a wide range of functions. However, there is no user’s guide inside the package. The available information is boiled down to what is written on the box. The representatives of the shop promise that the manufacturer is intended to supply the following shipping of the toys with a comprehensive guide in Russian.

The vibration of the main working part, i.e. the vibrator’s trunk, is the same vibration the manufacturer guarantees. It is of low frequency, powerful and deep-penetrating. It is really powerful. Indeed. The sensations make us think it is stronger than that of the famous range of vibrators called Magic Wand. This vibrator can easily lead to the climax both the woman (stimulating the clitoris) and the man (stimulating the glans penis). In fact, it manages to do it faster than the other toys from the couple’s stuff.

At the moment of immersing the vibrator’s trunk inside the body, the woman felt uncomfortable due to the toy’s shape or curve being inappropriate for her vagina. These characteristics are individual and other female customers may have opposite sensations. The part that is supposed to stimulate the clitoris failed to cause big impression also. Its vibration proved to be much weaker than that of the main part.

One of the key peculiarities of the piece is its capacity to make so called teasing movements that serve as an imitation of caressing the vagina with fingers. The testers came to a conclusion that this kind of vibrator is too hard and too thick for making such sort of movements successfully, that’s why their effect is present but it is far from what they expected to get.

On the other hand, while using this toy as a massager for the prostate, the man was impressed with those teasing movements. As for the sensations, the tester benefited greatly from the toy’s hardness.

The general conclusion tells us the toy is showing the following qualities:
– it is beautiful and stylish, it can be an excellent present;
– this is an unbeatable clitoral stimulator, offering unusual and extremely powerful performance;
– this is a dildo enjoying a highly controversial shape;
– this is a nice massager for the prostate.

The authors suggest that those who are interested should watch and assess the video review dedicated to this vibrator.