Review: Uma by Eromantica, Russia

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Russian version

The Russian brand Eromantica speaks of itself as a company created by women for women. Despite the mention of Toyfa brand (not belonging to a woman at all) as an importer, I want to believe that this is true. I even want to believe that in Russia you can find interesting high-quality sex devices. So, I took one of the Eromantica vibrators for testing.

Most of the toys of this brand are named after famous actresses: Maryl, Ornella, Monica, Eve, Christen... Today I will talk about Uma.

What is in the box?

Two-layer packaging: in a cardboard case there is a a box, in the box there is the toy. Everything is in restrained eggplant-pink tones, all related information (and photos of the brand’s founder, Anna Rozygraeva) are on the outer layer. Separately, I must note that is there a no words about masturbation, sex, or at least about pleasure, Uma is called a therapeutic massager that relaxes muscles and relieves pain. True, the brand’s name itself, starting with “ero-“, can give you away, but otherwise the design should not cause suspicion. For me personally, this is a minus, because I am opposed to disguising sex toys, as if it is an obscene and shameful secret, but at the same time I easily understand that for some people such secrecy may be necessary.

In the box with a magnetic clasp (do not throw it away, it is great for storing the device) lies the “massager” itself, the charging cable and what is mentioned on the package as a mysterious bonus, a richly relieved horned nozzle.

Basic information

Uma resembles a typical wand vibrator, consisting of a handle and a vibrating head, but in reality, it is more original – the motor is also hidden in the handle. Thus, on the one hand it is a wand, and on the other is a classic vaginal vibrator. The shape is pleasant in appearance and even, perhaps, elegant, but what is most important it is really ergonomic: the bend of the handle allows you to press the toy to the body (at least to the crotch, even to the muscles of the cervical area) without twisting the brush.

The vibrator is coated with smooth silicone, with the exception of the bezel which is made of anodized pinkish abs plastic. The attached nozzle is completely silicone, but if the seam on the massager is barely visible, on the nozzle it is visible clearly and this is embarrassing. However, it doesn’t bring any discomfort and its only problem is the difficulty in washing, so just prepare a soft brush or a piece of microfiber. The Uma waterproof index is not stated anywhere; the words “waterproof” and “you can take Uma with you to the shower or bathtub” flashes on the box, so I can conclude that the water protection of the toy is approximately IPX7.

Uma charges via USB and in 80 minutes it is ready to work for 2 hours non-stop.

You can see the photo and scale it to match the ruler or coin with real objects – and understand the real dimensions of Uma. Height – 20 cm, width / diameter – 4.5 cm. Weight – 135 g.

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Buttons and control system – this is perhaps the weakest point in the toy. Firstly, the “control panel” which recessed into the handle is limited by grooves in silicone, but the designations of the buttons are imprinted in silver which begins to wear off after the first usage. Secondly, the on-off button several times ignored my pressure. But overall, this is a minor disadvantage. The control procedure is simple: the central of the three buttons turns on the device and puts it into a standby mode (the red light comes on and it is visible in the dark), the upper and lower ones are responsible for switching modes on the corresponding motor. Although it is impossible to block buttons from accidental pressing.

There are two motors, as I have already said; in strength they seem to be the same. The vibration is average, not too powerful, but not weak. A good option for those who do not yet know what they truly enjoy. The manufacturer clearly devoted the upper motor to the external stimulation, and the lower one to the internal one (the handle has a suitable thickening for zone G pressure), but these are obviously not all methods of application. The motor in the handle is located close enough to the tip to give relatively precise stimulation, for example, of the clitoris or frenulum of the head of the penis. In addition, if desired, the ball with the upper motor can be used vaginally – some like shallow but wide penetration.

But one of the most interesting and promising part of this vibrator is, of course, voluminous and flexible horns. The recent invention of phallostimulators like Fun Factory Manta has more or less taught us that fluttering horns, wings and paws are simply designed to caress the penis, but the Uma nozzle readily embraces both the earlobe and the wrist with the tunnel syndrome. She can even do facial massage. In general, there are more than enough applications for anybody.

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There are many modes: 3 smooth vibrations, 7 patterns and a standby circled mode. By the way, if you do not want to scroll through all 11 to be able to return to the top of the list, just click on the power button, and then find what you want.

Uma makes moderate noise. On average it produces about 40+dB, although the maximum peaks can reach 60dB. For those who sleep in the same room with you, the sound will be obvious, but the closed door will surely help. All measures were done using the Sound Meter mobile application.

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Who is it for?

Uma should be suitable for everyone who likes external or internal vibration that is a bit more rough than usual, as well as for those who like to find their vibrator new ways of usage.

It is unlikely to appeal to those who need exclusively point, delicate or, on the other hand, very powerful stimulation.


A modest-looking massager with many unobvious, but nice features.