Caution! Orgasm! Review of the Kip Dame vibrobullet

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Traveling is a good chance to test small toys, in a short time you can learn more than during a week of testing at home. Let’s find out what pleased Maria Chesnokova in a tiny Kip from the American brand Dame?


© Maria Chesnokova

Russian version

It’s really quiet. We went on holiday in a big company, and it was important for me that the toys I took with me were silent and did not attract too much attention. And Kip from Dame didn't let me down. In addition, I checked the toy by turning it on in a crowded coffee shop, and once again I found out that the toy was not audible.

There is a button lock function. Just hold the power button for 10 seconds. The bullet passed this test with honors. Not a single excess buzz at all three modes (we had a long road and a flight with transfers).

There is a bag for transportation and a cool box for storage at home. It is pleasant and important.

High-quality lace for magnetic charging. I constantly tear and break wires, therefore the cord of increased durability is always in demand.

The toy is waterproof, which means you can take it with you to a geyser, pool, or spa if you want to fool around. I checked – it works under water.

It has a soft silicone nose, which means it is very delicate to the clitoris and vulva. By adjusting the degree of pressure, you can get very different stimulations, both very gentle touches and strong point vibrations.

The quality of vibration is high. Vibration is not killing, but deep, and it’s easy to get an orgasm (here I am talking about those who have no difficulty in obtaining pleasure). The bullet is suitable for people with average and highly sensitive clitoris, since vibration starts with minimal power. NB! If, on the contrary, you are accustomed to a furious vibration from we-vibe tango , magic wand or doxy , then this model may seem rather weak.

There’s a cute sticker in the box. I love stickers . And it's great that the manufacturers took this modern trend into account.

Total. A cool toy made by women and for women (the founders of the brand are two American women). An ideal toy both for traveling and to be an everyday toy. It is convenient to stimulate the clitoris during sex with a partner, and you can study your body alone for a long time and sensually. The creators took into account the anatomy of the female orgasm, nicely packaged the product. And all this comes at a fair price. I safely recommend this brand to you and I am glad that they finally appeared on the Russian market.

Minuses. My yellow bullet turned out to be very stainable. I threw it in a military-color backpack and the silicone changed its color very quickly. I don’t know, if it is a feature of color or material, but don’t be like me – always transport it in the box, especially since it comes with the kit.