Review of Purple G-Spot Tickler

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This toy has an inexpressive name and the same modest appearance, but in use it is more interesting than it seems. The blogger AlphaLikeadults tested a glass dildo from Glas.


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Russian version

If you decide to buy a sex toy made of glass, then you, by and large, have to choose fr om the products of only two companies. In some places you can find the the famous Icicles series from Pipedream. For the fans of “50 Shades of Gray” movie or the fans of Motörhead there are a couple of glass products manufactured by Lovehoney - they timidly try to squeeze into the niche occupied by NS Novelties and several smaller brands. And once a year you can run across the work of the real glassmakers like Luxotiq or Crystal Delights. But 90% of the sex glass market is divided between Russian Sexus and American Gläs*.

It is difficult to say something more about Gläs: their headquarters is in New York, their manual production is in China or Taiwan - that’s all. But this, perhaps, does not matter. After my first review of a luxury glass dildo, I was asked more than once: “What about cheaper toys?” So I decided to find out. For my research I chose Purple G- Spot Tickler.

What's in the box?

The packaging is simple and relatively minimalistic : a white cardboard box with pictures of the toy on all four sides; at the bottom – a couple of lines of basic information in English, they say, the device is hypoallergenic, easy to clean, holds temperature well and is compatible with any lubricants (all true). The valuable contents are wrapped in a thick layer of foamed polyethylene and will clearly survive any transportation.

The manufacturer does not provide a storage bag, so think in advance wh ere you will store the purchase. To avoid scratches, this stimulator is best stored individually, either in a thick handbag or in a separate box.

Basic information

The plain-colored glass somehow resembles caramel, and Tickler is no exception. The shade of purple is not as bright as on the box, but nevertheless pleasing to the eye. By the way, in the light of a fluorescent lamp, the color almost disappears, and the glass becomes nearly transparent with a cold bluish tint. So do not be alarmed if at first the color of the stimulator disappoints you: most likely, the lighting is to blame. There is not a single bubble inside the toy, and on the glossy surface there is not a hint of a seam or other roughness. All in all this is a beautiful little thing; there was even a decorative pattern with it.

Left pic – Tickler in natural light, right pic – in fluorescent.

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On the site, the manufacturer indicates that borosilicate glass is used in production. It is more durable than an ordinary bottle, it can be sterilized by boiling, and simply it is great. However, not only the composition of glass is important, but also the technology: if you hurry with cooling, the material becomes unstable due to internal stresses. There are companies that, unfortunately, are in a hurry to send their goods for sale. Alas, this toy is just from such a party: my polarimeter shows that the weakest point here is the connection of the base and the round handle. What is to be afraid of? Such glass will not explode as a tempered one, but will survive for a relatively short time and will require extremely careful handling. Most likely, in a year or two I will automatically drop this toy on the bed or drop it on the carpet, and it will fall into two parts, and I will have to buy something to replace it.

To understand the real dimensions of Tickler, open the photo and scale it to match the ruler or the coin with the real objects. The polarimeter shows internal tensions.

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Dimensions: length 17.5 cm (working length - 14.5 cm), width 2.2 cm, diameter of the ball 3.5 cm


At the first glance, this is a completely basic dildo with a single G-zone stimulation function, as stated in the title. However, everything is not so simple. The bent tip will indeed stroke the front wall of the vagina successfully, but if your G-zone does not like friction, but pressure, you will come to the aid of the ball for which it is supposed to hold the toy. In addition, the bent tip extends to zone A. Three functions for a simple dildo without vibration are not bad at all.

However, it is not difficult to provide vibration: just put an erection ring with a motor on the Tickler. It turns out a kind of a rabbit with clitoral and vaginal stimulation that work independently of each other. Simply hold the ring in place with your hand. In addition, a tight-fitting and thick ring can be used as a stopper, and so the device turns into a prostate stimulator.

The ring with the motor stimulates the outside, the dildo – the inside.

Tickler is a good partner in games with temperatures. Warm it under water or cool in the refrigerator, and then use it in the right places. But remember: the longer you keep the toy warm, the longer it will keep you warm, so take your time rushing from the bathroom to the bedroom. However, you can stay in the bathroom, because in the absence of a motor Tickler is safe to use at any depth.

Borosilicate glass can be combined with any lubricant and can withstand any cleaning method. Very convenient.

Who is it for

Tickler is suitable for those who need simple stimulation of zones G and A, who love temperature games and just beautiful toys.

It is unlikely to suit those who need a large-diameter toy or a rich texture. It can not be used anally (without an additional stopper).


A cute toy with a pair of hidden talents and its durability is worth the price.

* Editorial comment: in addition to the brands cited by the author, there is also a Russian factory Djaga-Djaga which also produces glass toys