Remote Hunter by ML Creation

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New fun test drive for something unusual and extremely versatile from our amazing author.


Text: © Forest Cat
Photo and video: NuArt Studio

Russian version

...Hop, hello everyone, mad Rabbit is on the air! I accidentally broke out of the woods, and I only have five minutes to tell you about the new product, so just listen to me now and don't interrupt:

– The first thing that comes to mind when looking at this strange, unusual and in general, wonderful device is a question full of bewilderment: WHAT’S THIS? Is it an anal stimulator? Is this a plug? Or is it a vibrator, which has finally had its handle transformed into a limiter and adding a massager at the same time? (Spoiler alert: It looks like it's all in one.)

The machine turned out to be so versatile that it will suit absolutely everyone. The dense and flexible shaft of the vibrator allows you to use it in any way - both for vaginal stimulation and anally for partners of any gender. The lateral tendrils can be used as a clitoris stimulator, and as a testicle massager or anything else, as far as your imagination goes. Fr om what I came up with: it is very pleasant to wrap these antennae around the head of the penis, it turns out both gentle and interesting. The cherry on top is a wireless remote control that allows you to control two vibration motors (yes, there are two of them!) In turn, using different patterns. Having examined the same remote control (by the way, all the buttons are duplicated on the device itself) and the third button with the letter “H”, you will be surprised to learn that this toy has heating that is so popular nowadays and it can warm up your feelings (and the place wh ere it gets) to a completely indecent size.

So. Let's all calm down and take a closer look at this versatile vibration massager from ML Creation called Remote Hunter. In my opinion, the Hunter really succeeded. The thickness of the barrel is 3 cm in diameter, the length of the submerging part is 14 cm, which, you see, very much resembles the average size of the majority of the male population of the planet. In the middle of its length, it is able to gently bend and take the shape that suits your anatomy. The small vibrator, located in front of the two massage tendrils, is almost as strong as its larger counterpart in the main process.

The handle is incredibly comfortable! It much more easily allows you to play this thing both solo and with a partner.

Heating is very noticeable. According to the manufacturer, it reaches 43 degrees in five minutes. We tried. Warms well!

Plug-in charging. You can recharge both the device itself and the remote control. The plug is not magnetic, which raises concerns about the device’s water resistance. However, the manufacturer does not hide this, and promises protection only against splashes. Separately, it is noted that the remote control does not have any moisture protection. The kit contains a color instruction in Russian with a very detailed and adequate description of all functions. Nice variety after translations from Chinese!

Among other things, one cannot fail to note the completely futuristic design of the box in which this toy is sold. Absolutely transparent plastic case with imitation of water drops creates a wow effect. It looks cool. It's a pleasure to give out as a present!

Inside, at the bottom, there are also transparent plastic clips that hold the device itself and the remote control to it. In my opinion, the bag is not needed here, this is how the toy should be stored. The device itself is aquamarine, and the remote control for it is defiantly golden.

...And finally, let's get back to the sensations. The vibration is confident and deep, but not too powerful, which is the fault of most of today's new products. The size is impressive, which will pleasantly surprise beginners, and will definitely delight experienced users. Adequate remote control with all functions, including heating, which in general leaves more than pleasant impressions.

Of the minuses, I will only note the lack of feedback. When you press a button on the remote control, there is no induction on the remote control itself.

I will confidently take the toy to the category of my favorites and will use it in every sense.

Thanks to all. Your Forest Cat and his virtual friends. Love each other!

The editors would like to thank the X-Market company for the toy provided for the test.