Rechargeable “Universe” vibrators

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The Lola Games brand has released rechargeable copies of its “superhero” collection.


Russian version

Continuing the superhero theme, Lola Games has expanded the Universe collection with new vibrators. Now, in addition to the original battery mini-vibrators, the collection also includes rechargeable ones. They are presented in four forms: bud, needle, ears and petal. And in three colors: blue, pink and beige. The new vibrators are magnetically charged and waterproof. They also became even more powerful, and with their help you can stimulate both the external erogenous zones, be it the clitoris, nipples, ears, and internal. You can also play with your partner by giving her an erotic massage.

The entire “Universe” collection aims to combat the orgasm gap, the mismatch between sexual satisfaction in heterosexual men and women. With the new rechargeable vibrators, you will unleash your superpower and plunge into the universe of female orgasms.

You can take a closer look at the new models on the manufacturer's official YouTube channel.

The press release is provided by Lola Games