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A popular sex blogger has tested a series of new products from Orgie and shares her impressions.


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The market for sex toys and lubricants is expanding at a cosmic speed and it’s quite difficult to catch any differences. But this new product is simply impossible to miss. It is well-known and everyone wants to try what a liquid vibrator is and why it is liquid, and why it is a vibrator, and how it is even possible, and how it works, and does it vibrate?

Let's figure it out in detail.

What is a liquid vibrator? This is a gel, which creates in certain places the effect of vibration, excitement, tickling and slight tingling, introducing a spicy feeling into the usual sensations and helping to accelerate the time of foreplay.

Such liquid vibrators can only be used for external use in intimate areas. On the clitoris, labia, nipples, penis head. It is in these places that the effect of a liquid vibrator will be most noticeable. Using them as a lubricant or for vaginal penetration does not make sense, since the effect will be imperceptible, and even dangerous due to the composition of liquid vibrators.

Before starting other types of stimulation (for example, oral sex), the gel must be removed with a cloth so that there are no unexpected consequences. The taste of the gels is not entirely pleasant, so eating them is also not worth it.

There are three liquid vibrators in the Orgie line and each of them is unique with some small additional effects.

(Manufacturer's Comment: Vibro – ingredient is the same in all liquid vibrators by Orgie – it is “Jambu”, a the Brazilian plant. By the way, it is used not only in liquid vibrators. People of Amazon like to add the leaves of this plant into food, because they like the effect. Of course, the concentration of the ingredient in liquid vibrators is many times higher than just in a plant. At the same time, the formulae have differences in order to provide additional effects: pink - increased orgasm, warming and cooling effect; red - warming effect. In the blue and the high voltage ones the formulae are the same, the difference is in concentration of active ingredients.)

How to use it? Apply literally one drop on the desired area and distribute the gel with smooth massaging moves in an even layer. If you drop too much, the stimulation can be overly intense and it can destroy pleasure and even hurt.

Volume: each tube is 15 ml. This amount is enough for long-term use, because you only need one or two drops. A convenient dispenser helps in economical consumption.

Sexy Vibe – Blue – Massage Gel

The effect. It appears literally in 30 seconds. Blood rushes to the genitals and as if dozens of small tender needles begin their massage throughout the application area. After that, a slight vibrating effect appears, which becomes stronger and stronger with every second, rolling up to orgasm in waves, keeping you on the edge. Then a slight pulsation turns on, as if blood is pulsing in you and you feel it with every cell of your genitals. Vibration is really like the action of a small vibro-bullet.

Duration: The whole concert lasts fr om 2 to 10 minutes, depending on the area and amount of application, after which it goes into decline, the vibration becomes quieter and gradually subsides, leaving you to wonder what it was.

Sexy Vibe – Black – High Voltage

Effect. More powerful, more sensitive and richer than that of a blue liquid vibrator. At first you feel spreading heat, the pulsation being rapid and not very noticeable then opens like a bud of fragrant perfumes, gradually bringing into the game the vibration itself which, instead of tingling, immediately begins to attack the sensitive area with strong stimulation. No matter how many times I have tried this liquid vibrator, an orgasm, as if from a vacuum toy, is instant and very powerful. If there is a goal of a long-playing prelude to make a partner wriggle from every blow of the wind, then this is exactly what is needed. It is very important not to miss the moment of “readiness”, otherwise sensivity becomes too high and may even hurt.

Duration: It starts slowly, smoothly not aggressively. The effect can last up to 20 minutes! But at the end, there remains an active pulsation instead of the desired vibration, and gradually it subsides. Just puff and there is nothing, without any finishing waves.

Sexy Vibe – Red – Hot

The effect. If you combine strong vibration, pulsation and a warming effect - this is exactly what this tube hides. Crazy point attack of small needles that envelop the entire body, not allowing to come to their senses, think and realize what is happening. It's like an explosion of fireworks in the face, massive and bright. I would say that it is the red tube that suits the clitorises, which are not particularly sensitive and have never experienced an orgasm. The warming effect is felt only at the very beginning, helping to excite, after which the vibration overshadows absolutely everything. There is a significant minus in this effect. If it seems too much to you, even to the point of discomfort. Washing it off is almost impossible, no matter how you try, water will only make it worse.

(Manufacturer's comment: When the vibration action begins, water will not stop it. Trying to rinse it off with water will shorten the duration of the effect. But not immediately.)

Duration: The effect will come soon. It starts immediately and powerfully, not letting you go in the next 10 minutes even for a second, even if you really want to and achieved an orgasm, the effect will continue, finishing you up to multiple orgasms. The effect passes away as unexpectedly as it began, without calming down. As if someone is pushing the stop button and that’s it.

I liked the fact that usually the warming lubricants burn like pepper, but this was not there - only a pleasant light warmth.

After. Completely lets you go already in the process of the orgasm. The orgasm becomes much brighter and more sensitive due to the rush of blood to the genitals and abundant pulsation. Perhaps it is not suitable for sensitive clitorises. In this case, it can be applied to the labia, hood and the area under the clitoris, so as not to provoke the clitoris and avoid unwanted sensations.

It’s definitely worth a try, it’s something completely new and amazing.

And I would advise you to blindfold your partner so that he or she does not even know what will happen now.

(Manufacturer's comment: due to the fact that different people have different sensitivities, we recommend starting with the smallest amount of the product in order to check the effect on your skin. If you have not tried such a product, start with the blue gel, since it is the weakest.)

10 facts about Brazilian cosmetics by Orgie

1. This is the first original Brazilian cosmetics, which is produced in Europe (in Portugal). For more than 15 years, the formulae of this cosmetics has been popular in Brazil, and two years ago a brand adapted to Europe appeared. The manufacturer continues to actively invest in the best technologies and ingredients. In Brazil alone, the brand already has more than 1,000,000 customers.

2. This is the only cosmetics from Brazil that is fully certified in Europe, which means that it is safe for health:

– CPNP certificates: registration in Europe;
– microbiological certificates: confirm that microorganisms are excluded in the product;
– challenge certificates: confirm that after opening the bottle / tube, cosmetics are safe to use, and stabilizers reliably protect the formula for the declared shelf life;
– certificates of stability of the formula: confirm that the cosmetics are safe to use after they are exposed to temperature extremes, to the sun, or subjected to other influences.

3. Three independent international awards XBIZ and EAN Europa for 2 years of Orgie's presence in the European market:

2018 EAN EROTIX AWARD - Best Branding;
2019 EAN EROTIX AWARD - Packaging Excellence;
2019 XBIZ Europa AWARD - Best Assortment of Sensual Cosmetics.

4. Orgie products are successfully sold in 26 countries in Europe, America and Asia.

5. Flagship products: liquid vibrators are the most powerful and best in quality in the world.

6. Extra charge from 100% and the best retail prices that the manufacturer can offer.

7. The current policy of protecting retail prices, in which stores in Ukraine were able to verify for 2 years of the brand's presence in the country. This ensures sales stability, reduces the likelihood of price wars and enables shops to really make money on the company's products.

8. Orgie is a certified member of the European Green Dot community . All packaging materials undergo special processing that is environmentally friendly.

9. For two years of sales in Ukraine, brand products received 98% positive reviews.

10. Twelve times Orgie cosmetics has made it to the pages of Cosmopolitan Ukraine wh ere only the best brands and products are listed.

The editors thank the exclusive distributor of the Orgie brand in Ukraine for the information and assistance in communicating with the brand representatives. Instagram – company account – @50ottenkov.com.ua.