On Colours Pleasures by NS Novelties

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The company NS Novelties announced it is expanding their popular collection Colours Pleasures. Meanwhile, our female tester has shared a report on a toy from the same collection.


The collection Colours Pleasures is now added five four-inch dildos.They are thick pieces, of 6 cm in diameter and have a comfortable length of 14 cm, they are represented in this collection 's traditional colors: white, pink, blue, purple and black. They are traditionally supplied with a powerful suction cup allowing you to use them as if they were strap-on devices for the comfortable masturbation.

The piece put to the test was a dildo from the same collection Colours Pleasures 7'' Dildo-Pink. Below, you can read the report on its properties.

The first that comes to mind looking at this item is the following: "What a beauty of a thing!" You can't help admiring and touching it. Despite its pink color and the little or no intention to copy the human skin, this one is a realistic piece without any doubt. It has got certain eminence on its surface, a veiny shaft and also a perfect head and balls. It is very nice to touch and what's important-is very easy to clean. It can be cleaned with a specific cleaner or can be washed with tap water and dried. Next time, when you pull it out from the package, it is still as clean as it was right after the latest cleaning. It is important and comfortable for me.

While it is put into practice, it is nice and even delightful. For example, I made a personal discovery-I understood why the toy penises have got balls! I have never experienced any clear sensations made by them before, but this time the balls managed to add greatly to what I felt while I was touching different points. The shape! How wonderful is the fact that the toy has got varying thickness. This difference in diameter, being in fact not so big, slightly thinner at the base and beneath the head and a bit thicker in the middle, can be felt a big deal, especially at the moment of the fastest penetrating movements! Even making the easiest movements, I felt my G-spot being stimulated with massage, and this was pretty enjoyable. The length. The toy is very long. It proves to be comfortable at the moment of having it in your hands and this allows you to discover some curious sensations in the deepest part of the vagina. Those who prefer anal pleasures at a different depth-note that it comes in and out. It does.

As for the suction cup, the story is somewhat complicated, because I didn't quite understand where it can be actually fixed, apart from the bathroom. That's why I was not able to try it in a comfortable position. However, I can say that the suction cup's quality is excellent, the fixation is really tight. To separate it from the smooth surface, you need to nail it at the very base. Any attempts to pull it, twist it or any actions of similar sort gave no positive results.

The general rating is A+ for all the estimated parameters.

The images used here are provided by the official website of NS Novelties and company’s Facebook account.