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PICANTO presents a new brand product – a DESINFECT antiseptic.


Russian version

Recently, many brands that produce intimate cosmetics have turned their attention to disinfectants, and pjur did not stand aside. Most often in this niche there are toy cleaners, while DESINFECT is primarily intended for hands and skin.

Pjur DESINFECT is a highly effective hygienic disinfectant. The manufacturer notes that it is effective 30 seconds after application to the skin. It's nice that after use there is no sticky feeling. The product is free from alcohol, fragrances and microplastics and is very skin friendly, pH neutral, vegan. It is separately noted that DESINFECT is not a lubricant!

Using the new disinfectant is very simple: for hygienic hand disinfection you need to apply at least 3 ml of disinfectant on dry palms, rub evenly into the palm of your hand for at least 30 seconds, do not rinse. The company recommends that caution be exercised when using biocides and remember to read the label and product information before using it.

Ingredients: 2-phenoxyethanol, D-gluconic acid, N, N '-Bis (4-chlorphenyl) -3,12-diimino-2,4,11,13-tetraazatetradecandiamidin (2: 1) (CHDG).

The products are certified

The Picanto company, which provided a press release about the product, informs its customers that the new product is already in stock in Moscow.