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Brand ambassador Daria Norkina presented stylish BDSM toys from the Dutch manufacturer.


© Anastasia Kurshankova

Russian version

Shots Media online presented three new collections of BDSM accessories: Luxury, Elegant and Graffiti! All BDSM Shots products are combined into one Ouch! set.

All Shots fixation devices have an inner layer made of neoprene, which protects the skin from abrasions and marks, even if the handcuffs or collar are tightly tightened – this is convenient and safe.

The Luxury and Elegant collections are made in deep dark colors (black, black with red, graphite gray), but they do not look defiant or brutal; it is rather a piquant accent, a hint of BDSM. Such accessories are perfect for the first “thematic” experience and will not discourage with their appearance.

The Graffiti line differs in a different print (for example, a mask for sensory deprivation can easily be mistaken for an innocent sleep mask) and even more focus on beginners: there are no metal fasteners, everything is Velcro, that is, at any time the game can be stopped if something will go wrong.

As a reminder, in Russia there is an exclusive contract with Shots Media for the supply of BDSM accessories and toys of the OUCH line! from the C-Market company.