Moxie for We-Vibe: What To Expect?

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Sex blogger O-la-la gave three chances to “vibro-panties”.


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Charming baby Moxie from We-Vibe would have been much cooler if I didn’t expect more from it.

What is Moxie? This is the dream of almost every fifth guy – modern “vibro-panties” with a remote control. And to be more precise – the tab on the magnet, which is suitable for any lingerie. It is very cool that you do not need to “crush” the image every time. But let's start in order.

Test 1. Me, Moxie, Cafe, Forgotten Remote

I am a very impatient girl, and I did not to wait until my beloved had a day off and took a new toy with me to the cafe. Confident that the device will connect to the application on the phone without any problems, I left the remote at home. So very stupid of me. Something went wrong. And I stupidly remained displeased and angry.

Test 2. Me, him, cinema and Moxie

I decided to play it safe and put on not the most plain but thick panties. I secured Moxie very well before going out and solemnly handed the remote control to my beloved in the cinema. Imagine my disappointment when I did not feel that very deep vibration that I was waiting for. In my hand this toy made a much greater impression. I had to lightly press it with my hand to enjoy the "movie". And to crown it all ... the battery ran out! At the most interesting point! No matter the fact that it was charging before I had gone out. The toy holds a charge for two hours, but this is with a fully charged battery. Displeased, I still decided to give the toy another chance.

Test 3. Me, the train compartment and Moxie

The road was too long and the compartment was empty. Here Moxie pleased me much more, but again, I had to press it more tightly with my hand. And I was in a lying position which in s already more comfortable. In general, only at this time we became friends.


The device is cool. It only has some nuances.

Material – wonderful delicate silicone. Hypoallergenic. Looks matte. Very pleasant to touch.

Design – perfect: in the box there is an additional magnet, a storage bag, a remote control and a charger.

The form. That’s the thing. I was simply not for me. A small thing, only 92 × 64 x 3 mm, with a slight rise in the area of the clitoris. Looks like a bar of soap or a fish – it depends on your imagination. Moxie was slightly touching my clitoris, most likely due to the shape of the labia. Therefore, pay attention to your anatomy, and if your vulva is really small then this device will drop in.

Vibration. Fantastic, deep, typical We-Vibe. Everything is superb. More than 10 modes and they are piercing.

Waterproof. I think test 4 will be somewhere in the shower, or maybe it’s worth taking it to the pool, and there the adrenaline will play its role.

Moxie will definitely find a way into in my bag from time to time. As a foreplay teaser this toy is good. But you should not expect from multi-orgasms from it. Although, as a rule, when you stop waiting, they come.

Play and don’t be so serious. Joy and orgasms to you, friends.