Lola games: massage candles

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Introducing the new Pleasure Lab collection from the Russian brand.


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Russian version

Massage candles can be used before, during and after sex. They will help couples diversify their sexual relationships or overcome the barrier of embarrassment, learn to fully surrender to sex. And you can also get a triple pleasure with them: visual – you can endlessly look at the flame, tactile – while giving a massage to your loved one, olfactory – from the aroma of a candle, which will be especially brightly revealed on the skin during massage.

Fragrances are emotions. Everyone has at least once caught this feeling: the smell awakens pictures from the days passed. The emotional perception of fragrances, like the perception of colors, is very closely related to our memories, feelings, thoughts.

Bright colors can be felt in the new Pleasure Lab collection from Lola Games. It includes five aromatic compositions in the form of massage candles:

– “At Sunrise” with shades of tobacco and cocoa;
– “Before Sunset” with warm patchouli notes;
– “Eclipse” with coniferous and smoky pine notes;
– “After Dark” with brandy accords;
– “Midnight Sun” with intense notes of figs.

Each fragrance is presented in a small glass container and packed in a bright, individual box. Massage candles are made from 100% natural ingredients, do not contain artificial additives, and also useful for your skin, making it soft, healthy and elastic.

Pleasure Lab is a collection for those who have a passion for the most vivid impressions!