Taking care of yourself and the environment

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The Lola Games brand, widely represented in the Russian and European markets, presents its new collection dedicated to the issues of female intimate hygiene and topical environmental problems.

Russian version

This is a collection of Natural Wellness menstrual cups. Cups are not just intimate hygiene items, they are a completely new experience of experiencing critical days.

The Natural Wellness collection contains 5 sets, consisting of two 15 and 20 ml cups, packed in a storage bag. Those who already have experience in using menstrual cups or are simply sure of the most suitable volume for themselves can purchase any of the models in individual packaging. The volumes of the cups presented in the collection are optimal, even taking into account heavy menstruation. The cup can be worn safely up to 12 o'clock without worrying about possible leaks.

The case for the set is made of lightweight moisture-resistant material that is not affected by heat and light. The material is durable and dries quickly, so it can be machine washed without losing its shape. And this is not just a beautiful accessory: in a situation where there is no way to wash the cup, the handbag provides reliable protection of your things from stains, since the material will not allow blood to seep out.

All Lola Games Natural Wellness cups are available in five rich colors, each with a flower name: iris – royal blue, peony – deep burgundy, tulip – bright purple, orchid – delicate lavender and magnolia – powder colors.

What are the benefits of Natural Wellness reusable menstrual cups? They are made of 100% safe medical grade silicone, which will maintain the natural moisture of the vaginal walls, as well as prevent air from entering the discharge, significantly reducing the risk of TSS (toxic shock syndrome – ed.). Silicone is a completely non-porous material, and for maximum confidence in the sterility of the cup, it can be boiled before and after the menstrual cycle. The safety of the material of Natural Wellness cups for skin and mucous membranes is confirmed by the certification of the SGR (SGR or certificate of state registration of products is a document confirming the compliance of the goods with the unified sanitary-epidemiological and hygienic requirements, as well as the requirements of the Technical Regulations of the Eurasian Economic Union – ed.).

Natural Wellness menstrual cups are invisible during use and completely invisible under the laundry, so you won't feel any discomfort when using them. They are suitable for women with active lifestyles and are suitable for swimming hygiene as they will not be visible under the swimsuit and do not need to be replaced after each dive. So, with Natural Wellness, you can stay with your daily routine and enjoy your favorite activities.

Reusable intimate hygiene products are becoming more and more popular due to the pressing issue of environmental pollution. The service life of the Natural Wellness menstrual cup is up to 10 years. This means that one cup can replace thousands of personal care products, not to mention significant savings in budget and your time spent on buying disposable products.

Lola Games follows the development of modern technologies and constantly improves its products, creating functional and modern products that will bring maximum benefits to users with minimal harm to the environment. The brand chooses environmentally friendly packaging for its products, trying to completely eliminate the plastic content, because the company believes in the possibility of preserving nature by limiting the production of disposable products.

Press release courtesy of the Lola Games brand.