Lingerie by Le Frivole: what is it like?

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This time our female tester tried on a jumpsuit and a pair of stockings under LeFrivole. We are publishing her report below.


I am going to begin with the corselet jumpsuit, called Impulse. On the picture, it fits perfectly tight on the model’s slender body.

“No such luck”, I thought. The whole stuff in this style I had tried on before just turned me into a kind of hot dog, with cross- body strings all over. It was a rather ridiculous look, not at least erotic, to my taste. That's why when I took the mesh-like item out of the package, I was in doubt about whether it a) can fit my size and b) will look ridiculous or give the necessary effect instead.

It took me some time to understand the design since I felt embarrassed with those multiple strings and ties. The key point is to find the holes for legs and arms, the rest is not a problem.

Ok, it fits me. The floral pattern looks so nice! I was brave enough to look in the mirror. Unbelievable! I sent a photo to my friend. Her feedback was equal to mine.

“Wow”! she replied. It seems incredible, but my non-perfect body didn't look ridiculous in this dress (or should I say 'undress'). I looked beautiful! I don't quite understand what the manufactures did to get this result, what magic concept they developed, but the jumpsuit looked as nice as that on the model from the package. It looked differently on me, I recognize. But still beautiful! All those ties that imitate lacing and the flowers were in their right place. And the parts that were meant to be left open, remained that way exactly.

In a cheerful mood, I was waiting for my man to come home. His admiration and the following scenario confirmed that the piece was really cool. By the way, the trial showed that this is not a single-use piece! I am pretty happy.

And now, it comes to Sense, a pair of stockings with satin ribbons. They are a perfect mix of density, resistance and delicacy. These stocking encourage one to put them on underneath the dress when going to an ordinary place, a cafe, for example. On a date, of course! No one will suspect there is something hot in there, but once your man touches you, he finds out there is a big surprise... Yummy!

The ribbons are actually precious, the stockings are comfortable, they won't slip down and they look sexy! The black color, touch of classics, lets one combine them with any kind of clothes. To be honest, I am thinking about putting them on for the nearest corporate party. Isn't it a good idea? There will be a reason for "unintentional" skirt wave while dancing or a chance to show the ribbon at the moment of sitting down on a chair. Do you like that kind of innocent flirting the way I like it? If you do, this piece will serve you perfectly!