Spring vibrator Le Wand Point

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I resume my work with a review of the cutest and the quickest vibrator in my collection – Le Wand Point. Most of all, it looks like a smooth pebble: nice color, simple elegant lines, nothing more. In addition to the vibration itself, it has an interesting feature – it is rather heavy! According to the creators of the toy, due to the weight, “Point” will not need to be held by hand, it will exert the necessary pressure by its own weight.

The body of the toy is seamlessly covered with super soft premium silicone. The base is made of chromed metal. The slightly curved oval shape fits perfectly in the palm of your hand, and the buttons are located so that they can easily be found by touch and they are also slightly recessed to prevent accidental pressing.

On the inside of the toy there is a wave-like relief. It seems to me that it is more decorative than functional. Well, the truth is, if you use “Point” the way it was designed, that is, for hands-free masturbation, then it is not felt at all (maybe with very sensitive girls it is different, but I did not appreciate it with).

But the shape is indeed convenient: the vibrator completely covers the vulva with the palm of your hand, and the weight of the toy enhances the sensation of vibration – it is not super powerful, but due to its large area it feels very good even in the most delicate modes.

Together with the toy comes a velvet pouch with a golden Le Wand logo, a charger and instructions. Keep it together with the box to preserve a one-year warranty from the manufacturer.