Double review: Satisfyer White Temptation and Dark Desire

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Alpha Blogger | Like adults compared two simple compact vibrators from Satisfyer.


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Russian version

If you are just a little familiar with the sex-toy market, then you’ve probably heard about the German brand Satisfyer. First of all, of course, they are known for the fact that after Womanizer they began to work with vacuum stimulation and made unbearably expensive vacuum stimulators much more affordable.

In the last couple of years, Satisfyer has been releasing more and more original toys. In the summer, they announced a line of small vibrators under the general name “Layons”(from the English “lay on” – “put on top, attach”). One of the models resembles an ice cream cone and was clearly created under the influence of the famous i-Scream. The rest of the Layons vibrators are of a rather neutral abstract form. For today's review, I chose two models at once: a white ”White Temptation” and a black “Dark Desire”. They differ only in design, but the motors and controls are identical.

What's in the box?

The packaging of both gadgets is simple: a cardboard box in pastel colors, on one side of which a happy woman smiles, and on the other - a full-size photo of the toy. Inside there is a transparent plastic substrate, a vibrator with magnetic charging and two books – a quick pictorial guide and some more detailed information about safety rules and warranties. On each sheet there is a block of text in Russian.

Basic information

If you put White Temptation and Dark Desire side by side, they look like a couple of newlyweds: here is the groom in a narrow black dress coat, here is the bride in a white dress with a full skirt. But only you take a look at the vibrators separately, the illusion disappears and you have laconic, neutral-looking gadgets that simply beg to get in your hands. To the touch the silicone coating is pleasantly silky with a slightly traceable seam around the perimeter; fingerprints instantly appear on the glossy ins ert made of ABS plastic (this makes me a little nervous). The white vibrator is absolutely smooth, the black one has a slightly ribbed bottom: it is assumed that the texture will diversify your sensations, but you notice such a fine thread only with your dry fingertips, and grease immediately conceals almost the entire relief. The same grease remains between the ribs, therefore, when it comes to washing Dark Desire, in addition to water and soap, prepare some old toothbrush. Both models are waterproof to IPX7 level, which means they can withstand short immersion in water, and they will survive the most thorough washing without any problems.

The charging wire is standard for Satisfyer toys and also many others brands: on the one side - magnetic contacts, on the other – the USB output. For the first time, the vibrator can charge up to 8 hours, and then it promises to spend no more than 3.5 hours on it, after which it will be ready to work for 50 minutes continuously and not get too hot in the process. A light signal informs about the state of the battery: during charging it will be blinking, and at the end of the cycle it will light up steadily. The battery itself is lithium-ion, respectively, it will deteriorate from deep discharge. Therefore, try not to discharge the toy to the end and recharge, if not after each use, then every three months without fail.


White: height – 9.2 cm, width – 6 cm, thickness – 3.3 cm.

Black: height – 9.4 cm, width – 4.7 cm, thickness – 3.4 cm.


Management, like charging, is universal for all Satisfyer vibrators: two buttons, “+” and “-” switch modes, and also “+” is responsible for turning on and off. Not very intuitive, but it is the manufacturer’s feature. There is no control lock function, but you probably won’t turn on the toy accidentally: both buttons are recessed into the gadget. At the same time, the corresponding symbols stand out on the surface, so even with your eyes closed you won’t miss. Strange, but the power button on these two vibrators is located in different places: with the white one it is closer to the center, and with the black one – from the edge. The first variant is significantly more convenient for fingers.

There is one motors in each toy, it is located on the edge. The vibration is powerful; not very deep, but for the extensive stimulation and even erotic massage it is what you need. Speaking of massage: if your back hurts, lay on the Dark Desire with the acheing spot – its shape is perfect for this.

In general, I cannot help but note the excellent shape of both vibrators: they are full-bodied, rounded, they glide pleasantly on the skin, lie well in the palm of your hand and do not get lost if you hold them between your hips or sit on top of them. In addition, White Temptation can be worn on the finger (though only on a thin one) – which will be especially convenient for some. In general, I would say that the gadgets are very good for mutual stimulation.

Strange things appear when it comes to modes. Both the box and the Satisfyer manual indicate that there are 15 modes, but I only counted 10: 3 continuous vibrations of different strengths and 7 patterns. This is not so bad, all of the one and a half dozen settings are unlikely to be used by someone, and besides, they are easily confused. But it is good to know that Purple Pleasure from the same line has exactly 15 modes. Why is it so? That’s the question.

The noise also does not fit what is written, although this is not surprising, many manufacturers too freely understand the phrase "silent operation" when it comes to their vibrators. The weakest mode in Layons rumbles at 50 dB (the level of a quiet office), and the last setting soars up to 60+ dB – this is conversation in full voice (measured using the Sound Meter mobile application). From behind the door you can hear both. But, apparently, this is the price of a powerful and not too expensive motor.

Who is it for

White Temptation and Dark Desire should suit those who like extensive powerful stimulation, and beginners in the world of sex toys.

They are unlikely to appeal to those who val ue quiet vibrators or require a bright texture. Those who can’t stand fingerprints on a smooth surface surely won’t like these toys.


Powerful vibrators of a pleasant abstract shape.