Comparison of five stimulants for women

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Today we get a review on five stimulants. The blogger Ronny Black (telegram channel “Saliva is not a lubricant”) tests and compares them all.


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Sensual Arousal Lubricant by Swiss Navy

The basis is water. At first, I had some confusion with it. Colleagues said that it was only for external stimulation, and the description in stores reads that it is generally a lubricant for vaginal use. During the tests, I realized why my colleagues said so. It starts to work within a couple of minutes. The heat is sooooo strong and soft, it warms up. But without any discomfort. That is, there is no feeling that now is the time to run into the shower and wash off. And you know what? After one use on the clitoris, I decided not to use this thing vaginally, since it works extremely hard. The running time of such water-based pieces is about 15 minutes, that is, until completely absorbed. I’ve been hit, I’ll leave it in a conspicuous place, ho-ho-ho.

Viamax Sensitive Gel

Hybrid base: water/oil. By the way, it works with the same efficiency for about 15 minutes. It works very gently. I felt as though a thin stream was pouring cold on me. A cumulative effect has been announced that will help the clitoris become more sensitive. Over time, it really seems that the thing works harder. Ladies who need strong stimulation will not enjoy initially. Even for the first time I felt almost nothing. By the way, this cold does not freeze anything, on the contrary, you feel how the blood rushes. Very funny, but weak, as for me.

Viva Cream by Swiss Navy

Also water-based. Working time is about the same. The first word that came to mind when using it was “mint”. More precisely, “warm mint”. If with all the stimulants described above you need about a drop, then here even a half of the drop is enough. The effect is strong, a lot of grease comes out, which is good! (And I’m already thinking about laying disposable blankets on the bed). In general, these two products from Swiss Navy are the most pleasing.

Pjur MyGlige

Again, it’s water-based, again it’s a lubricant! But! While the effect on the clitoris is barely noticeable, inside it is different. Nothing burns, but just warms a little. Enough to get more grease, plus it increases sensitivity. Pouring this in liters is not necessary, in fact, a few drops are enough.

Clitos Cream by Biorhythm

The same guys who did Cosmo Vibro. This one is a cream, and so the operating time increases to about 20-30 minutes. It is clear that towards the end the sensations are already weak and blurry. It works powerfully straight. Vivid ripples and warmth. You know, here are some people who know how to lift a chest/eyebrow with a muscle / I’m able to “pulsate” with my lower lip (a skill that will never come in handy, yes), so here the sensations are very similar. As if the clitoris is contracting, only by itself and constantly. I liked this cream even more than Cosmovibro. Probably because it is stronger.